Let's 'Develop' Some New Human Breast Milk Ice Cream Flavor Names For Ben & Jerry's

Subtitled: Cherry Garcia is so 1990s.

Though this is yesterday’s news, I might’ve missed the thread announcing PeTA’s letter requesting Ben & Jerry’s Use Human Milk in their ice cream. So instead of dropping a story link into MPSIMS, I figured I’d poll the more interesting bunch of SDMB’ers in IMHO and try to come up with some new flavors.

I’m having a tough time think of any juvenile tit euphimisms to post, the best I can come up with is

  1. Cookies & Colostrum
  2. Chocolate Chip Bazooka Dough

…And those are so crappy, I forced myself to type them. So what say you, have any breast milk flavors you’d like to propose?

Flavored boobies.

Let’s stick to the currently long thread on this.

Currently at 83 posts.