Is Ben & Jerry’s just being lazy?

They say they are launching a new flavor, Pecan Resist, described as chocolate ice cream with dark and white chocolate chunks, pecans, walnuts and fudge covered almonds. Call me crazy, but that sounds like they just slapped a new label on New York Super Fudge Chunk. Are they completely out of ideas?

I have no idea but it seems relevant that they have been owned by the multinational corporation Unilever since 2000.

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Also from the above link:

Ben Cohen, co-founder and former co-owner, who is no longer affiliated with the company, has cranked out a few small batches under the label “Ben’s Best” for political fundraising purposes. “Bernie’s Yearning” is the flavor I remember hearing about.

I guess I was either right or wrong since they are being lazy. I wish they would bring back EmpowerMint

New York Super Fudge Chunk has pecans? I had no idea.

This is why I eat only Bluebunny ice cream.
ETA bunnytracks is da bomb!

They couldn’t even make a mint and peach ice cream and call it “I’m-Peach-Mint” to be at least a little clever?

Would you sign an affidavit agreeing to eat such a thing?

No, I didn’t think so.

Haha. That was clever. Sounds like a horrible flavor though. :slight_smile:

When I was a little kid, during Nixon’s term, Baskin-Robbins had a flavor-naming/creation poster contest for kids. My dad thought I should do “Mmmmmm…Peach-Mint!”

Don’t be too smug when you’re eating Ben & Jerry’s. Those Unilever guys benefited **a lot **from Donald Trump’s tax plan.

Can someone explain how “Pecan Resist” criticises anything? Okay, “resist,” I obviously understand, but where does “pecan” come into it?

“Wall-Nut Resist” would have been better.

Rhymes with ‘We Can’.

Unless they supported it, that doesn’t mean a lot. You can be against something you benefit from. I imagine a lot of rich people were against the tax plan but are not going to go wearing sackcloths and throw away all their money while the greedy people who supported it still go around pocketing the spoils. That way lies a donation-only tax plan.

No it doesn’t. A “PEE-can” isn’t a nut, it’s what you keep by your bed when it’s too cold to use the outhouse.

That was my general thought when reading the OP. I’d guess there’s a finite number of flavors and combinations that make up marketable ice cream before you get into Cauliflower & Trout. Eventually you’re going to start repeating.

That’s my favorite flavor and I wasn’t aware of the pecans either. I just wish they sold that flavor in the little 3.6oz single-serving cups.

What “Unilever guys”? It’s a publicly traded conglomerate that’s partly British and partly Dutch. Unless you mean the Lever brothers themselves? I think they’re dead by now.