DAMN you, Ben! And DAMN Jerry, too!

Here I am trying to lose 15 (okay, ten) pounds by my college reunion next month . . . And the accursed Ben and Jerry come out with Karmel Sutra (I hate the cutesy names, too): chocolate-chip and vanilla ice cream surrounding a core of caramel sauce. Mmmmmmm . . . . I have had two pints in the past two weeks and I know I will be drawn in by its gravitational force again on my way home tonight . . .

You need a support group, girl. First BBQ Chicken-in-a-Biskit and now Karmel Sutra B&J ice cream.

You must resist the temptation. Be strong, be bigger than the ice cream.

Or, failing that, invite me over for some. :wink:

that’s right, it’s all THEIR fault…

they’ve trained the little cartons to leap into you freezer…

you are defenseless…

: snicker : ('cause I’m too old to care - Cherry Garcia forever!)

Eve, you simply come up to visit my neck of the woods, wherein one can find the original factory. The tours are fun, and they give you a free pint at the end.

I could use some Kberry Kaboom right now…

Ahhh…Ben & Jerry’s®. Now that’s some damn good ice cream there.

Haven’t tried Karamel Sutra yet, but looking at their web site, I see they have a lot of new flavors. I’ve tried Dave Matthews Band One Sweet Whirled. Now that’s good. Peanut Butter Me Up and Makin’ Whoopie Pie sound good too.

My favorite I’ve tried is Concession Obsession.

April 22 is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops

This is my first ever message on this system and well, I’m a little nervous about not sounding cute and clever. It just takes practice I guess ?

I want to step up and confess- with the advent of the first ever Haagen Dasz here in Cabo san Lucas, I just couldn’t resist- it went down like motor oil-smoooooooooth ! Now I’ve done it, done that, and don’t plan a revisit- even though this is high tech Haggen daz with Big Flat Screen Monitors in the room- right on the Marina- Next door to the 3rd Ruth’s Chris Steak House in all of Mexico- I am a vegetarian, extending from my 20 years living in Old Town and Lincoln Park !

Be well, all !!

Kevin in Cabo

“Be bigger than the ice cream.”

—Oh, that’s no problem Dave, believe me. Two more pints and I’ll be bigger than the Chrysler Building.

Y’know, I pegged the flavor before I even opened the thread.

Have you seen the other ‘with a core of stuff’ ice cream that they’re making now?

Fudge Central: A soft fudge core surrounded by chocolate & vanilla ice creams with white and dark fudge chips


Peanut Butter Me Up: A peanut butter caramel core surrounded by chocolate & peanut butter ice creams with fudge chips

That’s not even counting their other new flavors like:

The Full Vermonty: Vermont maple ice cream, praline pecans & a caramel swirl (This is SO GOOD. The maple ice cream is really mild, so you can eat a LOT of it.)


Honey, I’m Home: Honey Vanilla Ice Cream & Fudge Covered Honeycomb Candy Nuggets

Just be glad you don’t have access to Blue Bell’s Banana Pudding Ice Cream.

Fortunately it is one of their rotating flavors that is not always available so I can at least come off the binge occassionally.

Andygirl help straighten me out here; I could be confused because being in the state of Vermont in close proximity to the Mecca that is the Ben & Jerry’s factory could well have addled my brains.

But, my recollection is that, when visiting friends in Vermont several years ago, there, available in their freezer, was Ben & Jerry’s they had picked up at the factory, as seconds. I vividly recall consuming a big bowl of what my friend told me, was a tub of ice cream to which too much cream had been added. Could this be true? Every time I tell this story, people look at me like I’ve lost my senses.

Or perhaps they’re just gazing at me with flat lust. Hard to tell.

Well, that’s just crazy talk, Ellen. There IS no such thing as “too much ice cream.”

(Is anyone else picturing “Ellen Cherry” as a Ben & Jerry flavor, now?)

Ben and Jerry’s “Everything But The…” I think it’s called.

My nemesis.

BTW, howaya EveBABY ?

A couple of more pints and you’ll be able to save some steps – the ice cream will be drawn to you by gravitational force.

" . . . the ice cream will be drawn to you by gravitational force."

[Homer Simpson voice]: "It’s funny because it’s true . . . "

Forget Ben and Jerry. Dave and Andy in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh could kick their ass to Quebec and back. I’ve been there a couple times when I visited my sister at Pitt. If I went to school there I would easily weigh several hundred pounds between their homemade ice cream and Primanti Brothers sandwiches.

Slight hijack - Kevin, I’d give up ice cream for good if I could live in Baja California.

First of all, let me be the first to welcome Kevin Lynk to the Boards. Uh … welcome!

And second - I won’t blame the Gods of Frozen Treats, Ben and Jerry, but I will damn all of you for talking about them, forcing my sugar-starved brain to convince me that I need Phish Food RIGHT NOW! I guess it’s off to the 24-hour grocery store for a pint. Thanks a lot, people! :wink:

You can get all kinds of interesting stuff in the “Seconds” bins. Sometimes it’s just the first and last of the run, usually nothing too exciting there. Sometimes you get air bubbles, very annoying. Other times you get a carton that is literally half “stuff” and half icecream, like 50% of a container of NY Super Fudge Chunk is full of chocolate chunks. I never heard of the “too much cream” but I don’t see why not.

Eve, you don’t realize the extent of this conspiracy. Ben and Jerry no longer run the business. They were bought out by the Unilever Corporation, a Dutch conglomerate. Their secret agenda is to feed everyone in NYC amusingly named frozen dairy products until they are unable to resist their evil plan to recapture New York and turn in back into New Amsterdam.

Eve, you must be strong. Not only for yourself, but for all America. When you are confronted by a pint of Karmel Sutra and find yourself weakening just ask yourself “Do I really want to spend the rest of my life wearing wooden shoes?”

Either that or the title of a XXX video.

Eve, as a slight hijack, it seems that you are feeling a little more chipper. How is the mystery illness? Any news?