Monty Python Sketch

I have the 16 disc complete Monty Python set from New Video, but want to find a particular sketch. It has Eric Idle as a TV correspondent outside in a field of some kind, slowly walking as he speaks, as I remember it. At some point the cameraman starts walking a bit faster and Idle speeds up also. The cameraman then speeds up, and on and on until they both end up sprinting across the field. Does anyone know which episode this is in and which disc it is on?


I don’t know if it also occurs in a Monty Python sketch, but that happens to Idle in “The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash.”

I can’t recall him doing that in a python sketch, but he did do it in ‘The Rutles’ movie.

Starts at 1:27

Hmm. I don’t remember seeing that movie, and I can definitely picture Idle in an open field. But quite frankly I’m sure I am mistaken. Not to discourage anyone else from posting here, though.

All MPFC scripts here. Knock yourself out.

I came in to say The Ruttles too. But I’ll throw this one in to.Eric Idleas a sociologist walking and talking about geriatric delinquents. At the 2:39 mark.

Whicker’s World, from Episode 27?

or maybe Rival Documentaries (Episode 38) This has Cleese and Idle fighting over a microphone, and starts in a field with one chasing the other.

The same sort of scene shows up in their first movie “And Now For Something Completely Different,” except it takes place on a street instead of a field.

That’s not it either, but it’s funnier, so I’m good. Thanks!