Monty Python - THE PETITION

Monty Python has been available on DVD for some time, but some things are missing!

Please read the story, and sign the petition below:

Thank you!



Both. Spiny Norman was already taken.

Online petitions are a waste of time.

So are online message boards. In this case there is a reasonable chance the target group will actually read it.

The Piranha Brothers: we normally do NOT allow solicitation of signatures on petitions on these Message Boards without prior approval from the mods. I’m going to leave this one because I share your outrage that the “complete” Python isn’t complete, but please ask in advance next time, OK?

And, the disclaimer: just because it’s posted here, we staff have no idea whether it’s actually a relevant petition, or even real. “Click here to sign my petition” is often a ruse used by unspeakably nasty persons to spread viruses, etc.

Oh, OK. Sorry. Just got carried away.

Alas, this is not a petition to get rickrolled or anything. It would have been strangely fitting if it had just been spam, but it isn’t.