Mood rings

I tried searching the archives but got no results for “mood ring” in general questions.
I always assumed these things worked based on digit temperature, but now I’ve decided to ask you, oh wise ones, for the straight dope. How do these things change color and why, and does it have anything to do with your mood or stress level?

Going from personal experience, they’re all heat-sensitive.
The website How Stuff Works has an excellent article and is, on the whole, a good place for internet answers on the rare occasion that the Teeming Millions can’t help. Enjoy!

Oh my gawd, this is, like, the first GQ question I’ve been able to answer! I am so excited right now! Squeee!

[/valley girl]

Quick! What color’s your mood ring?

I’ve never been able to get anything but blue out of any mood ring ever, neither has my mother. Is it just because I’m so hot? :cool:

My kitten just died, but the ring is blue, so I must be happy that my kitten died. I’m a sick bastard!

groman: They don’t work for me either. In fact, I usually peg them so they go all the way past dark blue into black again. So I guess that makes you and me the hottest dopers there are :cool:

No, guys! It reads your aaaaura. You guys just have dark hearts who can’t get it to work.