Moose as monster?

Has there ever been a horror film with a killer moose as a monster?
Besides Bullwinkle, I mean.

(A friend and I were discussing such matters over lunch at Subway. So, I had ta ask the Dope about this one. :slight_smile: )
If not, I think that it would make for an entertaining SyFy original movie.

A few friends wrote and performed a rock opera (in their words, a “Rock & Roll Mythology”) about a demonic moose from the back woods of Vermont that feasts on the blood of virgins (or maybe it was that it feasted on the blood of the sinful, and could only be stopped by a virgin; I don’t quite remember).

The tale actually would make a great movie; it basically followed a lot of horror film tropes.

There was a French-Canadian film short called L’Excursion with a never-seen beast stalking the protagonists. It is suggested that the beast is some kind of mutant moose (you see its antlers at the edges of its field of vision in the “moose-vision” shots). You can see the film here.

Wow! Nifty!

Does the Farmers Insurance commercial count?

Well, there is this…

Maybe they could do an adaptation of Janet Kagan’s Mirabile.

There’s always the Telepathic GOOD monster moose:'s_Journey



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Hey, fun stuff! Thanks.

Moosenado? By The Asylum? I don’t think my heart can take it.

This movie seemed to be headed into killer moose territory but the premise never made it out the credits (which had to be redone at great expense).

Kevin Smith’s new movie Moose Jaws is going to be a horror movie.

Møøse bites can be very nasti, you know.

Nuttin’ up m’sleeve–PRESTO!

The monster in The Ritual is kinda-vaguely moosey-looking.

But that trick never works!

I have been face to face with a bull moose. Actually seven of them at the same time.

Scared the poop out of me.

Yes, they would make a great horror film.

Nifty visual!