Moose in my yard

Got a couple of brothers that pass through our yard. I think they are about 4 years old.

The pics aren’t that great. I’ve got to remember to keep my real camera handy. I’ve seen them twice this year, and a couple of times last year. The doggie alarms really go nuts.


I would like very much to see a real live moose! We are going to Colorado in a week, maybe I’ll get lucky. Nice back yard. :slight_smile:

Man, you’re gonna need a bigger fence!

Nice pics.

I get deer, foxes, coyotes and peacocks in our yard - but no MOOSE!! I WANT MOOSES!!!

It’s really fun. Those guys aren’t afraid of anything. And as gangly as they look, they are really graceful and it looks like they move in slow motion.

We get black bear too.

I miss seeing them in our yard in Anchorage, although the shrubs sure took a beating. It was always a reminder of our encroachment into their traditional browsing turf.

When I was a young man I used to like girls,
I fondled their bodies and played with their curls,
'Til my girlfriend ran off with a salesman named Bruce,
You’d never get treatment like that from a Moose!

  •        And it's Moose, Moose, I like a Moose!
          I've never had anything quite like a Moose,
          I've had many lovers, my life has been loose,
          But I've never had anything quite like a Moose!

<click on The Moose Song>

Is your sister okay?

Good Lord.
Please see your Physician, Minister or Psychiatrist as soon as possible.


We had one walk across our front yard a few years ago (N. Idaho). First one we’d ever seen, and from 30 feet away we were shocked-- those guys are huge!

We had one come through last week. A young one from the antlers. It came back Satruday with an even younger one. So we are thing there is a cow out there that is running off last years calfs when she has another. We are also thinking there must be a bull somewhere. :smiley:

It’s likely we have five out here.

Nice picture by the way. I haven’t gotten that close.

I saw a moose today also.

Happy moosing~

Ditto, I love how they just “owned” everything, and how 3 lanes of traffic would just patiently wait while one wandered its way across “C” street in the middle of Anchorage.

Are they called Rutt and Tuke?

No. Chocolate and Hair.

Ok, sign of my age and (clearly) some form of insanity, but I immediately thought of some early Eddie Murphy character doing a poem entitled “Moose in my yard”.

About 6 years ago, the doggie alarm woke me up at about 5 AM. DEFCON 1. So I get up and take a look out the windows. I was a bit groggy and it was not quite light out.

I said to my Wife - “Honey, there’s a horse in our driveway”. “And he seems to like my car a lot”. 'Twas a moose licking the road salt off my Pathfinder. Made quite a mess of it.

Ok, when I read “seems to like my car a lot” I wasn’t thinking ‘as a salt lick’…

Forget the moose, look at that scenery! The background in that last shot looks like a painting.

Ok, the moose is cool, too.

:slight_smile: It is pretty up here. This is the view from my deck in winter It’s just a little bit of a different angle that I took the pics of the moose.

Our property backs up to National Forest. This is the jeep trail that we walk the dogs on.

It’s a nice walk

We love living at altitude, but we pay for it :slight_smile: