Moral Outrage Dept: Why was this thread locked? I protest!

Fascism runs rampant at the Straight Dope Message Board!!

Why was the “article on male body part” thread in Comments locked? I strongly protest this misuse of moderator power as demonstrated by the nefarious Arnold Winkelried, that despot in Swiss Army boots! That thread was an excellent and well-informed discussion of smut on the Internet, penis-lengthening, and Cecil’s deplorable taste in subject matter for his columns, and it was just getting good when the hammer of totalitarianism came down.

Alas for a free press, alas for free speech!

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Did you do a search for the rest of Righteous’ posts? :rolleyes:

What I want to know is, if he found the male body part column while doing an internet search, what was he searching for??

Oh wonderful,

I just love these lemon faced, screwed up, idiots whose butt cheeks are held so tightly together that they squeak when they walk.

No sense of proportion at all.

Reminds me of the Mrs Mary Whitehouse types who wielded a self-importance far beyond the merits of their arguments throughout the 70’s and 80’s in the UK.
These are the sort of people who would travel literally hundreds of miles to find something that would offend them.

“Don’t touch your dirty boys”
“They’re called breasts mommy and every woman has them”

Oh my God, it’s the Jack Dean Tyler of religion! I can’t wait to see more from him.

I think my favorite, so far, is his theory of European world domination. Follow the God of the Bible and He will reward you by helping you enslave other races! Praise the Lord!

Ooh, now I have a new favorite! I won’t even attempt to comment, as I think it speaks for itself.

Ah, yet more grist for the evil Arnold Winkelried’s Mill of Terror and Repression! Bring on the tumbrils!

casdave-it’s dirty pillows. Kind of a cute name, actually.

I’m searching for Righteous right now. I hope he doesn’t get himself banned too soon. We could have some FUN with this guy…hehehehe…

I’ve already started.

Ummm…doesn’t anyone think that perhaps Mr. Righteous is a little bit TOOOOO stupid to be for real? I mean, even FOG wasn’t this stupid.

[Homer Simpson]

Mmmmmmmmm…dirty pillows…

[/Homer Simpson]

That’s prime sig material, you should auction it off.

I don’t think Righteous is too stupid to be real. Although that would be nice, and we can hope that’s the case its probably not.

Well, somebody had to say it…

I can tell you tales of those months long ago when I was <dramatic pause>

a MINOR! :eek:!

Back then, I would often read the boards (with my Bible by my side, of course.). But I accidentally clicked on a pornographic column, and could not help but scream, “My eyes! My eyes!” And let me just tell you of the depravity which I was exposed to! Fie unto you all, you corruptors of innocent children!

This message board is responsible for my downward spiral into drug addiction, the hedonistic bisexual drug-laden orgies in my bedroom, my decision to sell my firstborn to the evil Ixpoxishibu, and, incidentally, the comet Shoemaker-Levy.

Strangely enough, when I turned 18 it all went away.

Dang! I was thinking of coming over…

Dijon: Forgive me, I should have been more specific. The depravity in my life has not ceased. I, being a legal adult, am now immune to the deviance found on these message boards.

Come on over anytime. :wink:

Aww, go easy on the little guy. He’s probably lost and confused. Let’s bring him down to the local Biblenut shelter where he can be taken care of… and where WE don’t have to deal with him.

I’ll bet a Tug-Ahoy would make him a changed man…

Andygirl, I’m soooo there in my mind…(immune to depravity?!? Who wants that? I wanna be fully impacted by it. Nosiree, no immunity for me!)

Well I thought I would poke my head in here since I see that Chronos over in ATMB suggested to our friend Righteous that maybe his issues should be taken up in The BBQ Pit. But it doesn’t seem that he’s around here yet.

I’ve got to admit that I, like Lemur866, am not totally convinced that Righteous is “for real”. He almost seems like a bad caricature of what someone would imagine a religious zealot to be like. But until I’m proven wrong I think I should treat him as if he were speaking sincerely, which he very well may be.

And he’s brand new to the board so I will try to let him get acclimated to our rough and tumble ways before I start picking on him. I don’t doubt that if he reads the SDMB long enough he will come out of it a better and more educated man. Fighting ignorance is our battle cry! :smiley:

[sub]It did depend on one indeed;
Behold him, – Arnold Winkelried!
There sounds not to the trump of fame
The echo of a nobler name.
(James Montgomery, The Patriot’s Password)[/sub]

P.S. Duck Duck Goose - on my next trip back home I might get a pair of swiss army boots from a surplus store to wear when I’m moderating. Thanks for the great idea!

i see mr. winkelried is now calling me a liar here when he was pretending to apologize in the other thread in the message board forum. i think that it’s hypocritical to call someone a liar behind their back. let me assure you mr. winkleried that i am “for real” and i personally will always tell you to your face what i honestly think. i suggest you do the same.

Lemur866 - thank you for the “stupid” comment (sarcasm). i might not be a nobel prize winner but i believe i am intelligent enough to know right from wrong.

mr. casdave i would appreciate it if you would refrain from the personal insults. thank you very much. i am trying to remain polite here and i could insult you also if i wanted to but i decide not to.