Morale breaking in movies and TV

One thing I’ve always wondered, wondered it again while idly catching bits of Blade 3. Blade goes into the Secret Vampire Fortress and basically starts kicking butt, dusting vamps left and right. Despite having turned about a dozen of them into ash, more just keep coming. You’d think that self-preservation, combined with Blade’s well-earned reputation, would send them running after the first few bit the dust (heh). But nope more just keep coming and Blade peremtorily sends them to their reward.

You see this again and again in many an action movie, but rarely do the bad guy hordes turn tail once they realize what they are up against, unlike soldiers in real life battles who often would break morale like that. Either the bad guys are overconfident, they fear what their Master will do to them (if they run) more than what the Hero might do, or (breaking 4th wall) the hero needs cannon fodder to entertain the audience. Guess the last one is the real reason (natch), still bugs me.

This could be extended to role playing games & “realistic” first-person shooters too; I’m currently playing Titan Quest with a friend, and once in awhile a badly-injured underling will make like he is trying to get away, but that is rare as our body count piles up.

What movies/shows then have you seen where the enemy does break like this? Talking about criminal/evil underlings not soldiery necessarily.

In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, in two separate combats Mechagodzilla breaks the Big G’s morale, forcing G to retreat. :wink:

the Princess Bride
Count Rugen as well as the entire Brute Squad.

Return of the King
the Battle of Osgiliath does not go well at all and when Faromir tries again he only succeeds in giving his opponent heads.

The Two Towers
After Gandalf and crew come to the rescue a lot of the baddies retreat back into the woods and prominantely get squashed by the trees.

In the Omaha Beach section of Saving Private Ryan, it’s obvious that the only reason the Americans do’t retreat is that they are on a beach and have nowhere to retreat to. The situation only changes when a few soliders started charging inland.

In the original Star Wars, Han Solo scares a bunch of stormtroopers into running down a corridor of the Death Star just by shooting one and then yelling like a maniac. So he chases them. Then eventually they turn around (and of course, when George Lucas did his craptastic CGI makeover, there are a lot more of them) and chase him right back. Penis ensues.