More Cartoon Battles: Beavis & Butthead vs. Ren & Stimpy

Two dorks versus an asthmatic chihuahua and a retarded cat. Who emerges victorious?

Probably wouldn’t happen because B&B would likely either get lost, or would never leave because they were too busy watching MTV and whacking off.

If they did, Ren seems to be pretty good at beating the crap out of stimpy, while B&B are pretty wussy.

I’d give it to Ren and Stimpy, though if Nachos were invovled, I could see a possible B&B victory.

In a sudden flash of inspiration, B&B remember their roots, give a simultaneous shout of “Dooooooog Baseball!” and send Ren on a line drive straight into the afterlife. Upon discovering Stimpy, the pair realize “Whoa. This cat farts. That’s cool, huh-huh.” They take Stimpy home as a pet and force-feed him cold refried beans until he expires from liver failure a few days later.

I’m sure B&B, with their vast experience in setting things on fire, can deal with Ren & Stimpy in handy fashion.

Hu-huh. He said “handy”! Huh-huh-hu-huh!

On the other hand, both Ren and Stimpy seem to be more or less indestructable - Ren in particular, who seems to have his brain removed on a regular basis.

It it’s the “new” Ren & Stimpy they’ll probably start having sex, causing B&B to lock up in a fit of homophobic shock.

“Whoah, t-this totally sucks.”

“Y-you said sucks . . . I think I’m gonna blow chunks . . .”

“You s-said blow . . .” vomits

I like B&B better, but Ren would go all medieval on Beavis’s and Butthead’s ass.

On the other hand, Beavis would probably start doing Cornholio and Stimpy would run off to get him TP, rather than face the wrath of the Almighty Bunghole.

Ah, two greats of classic cartoonland.

B&B was good fun, but the first season of Ren & Stimpy was true, true genius.

I like them both, really (except for the fact that John K. ruined Ren & Stimpy less than three seasons into the show’s run)

IMO, who would win depends on who makes the first move. If Ren could make the first move, he would beat them up very badly, forcing a surrender. If B&B could strike first, they would, as Sublight said, bat Ren to death.

As for Stimpy… B&B would probably let him live in exchange for doing what they say, no matter how demeaning and abusive.

First Beavis and Butthead would would knock Ren and Stimpy’s brains out. Then Ren and Stimpy would knock Beavis and Butthead’s brains out. Then everyone would have a nice lunch of the knocked-out brains, because this thread is a zombie.