More evil: Glinda the Good Witch, or Lex Luthor?

Poll in a moment. As always, smartassery expected. I am not promising to have a childish temper tantrum in response to serious responses, but I can’t rule anything out.

The scholarly online journal Cracked has a very pointed essay on this very subject.

Read it here.

What? Lex tried to destroy LA? The Bayou State? I’ll kick his ass seven ways to Sunday.

What’s that? Oh, he just wanted to destroy that city in California? Bah. They ain’t even in the SEC. Who cares?

Oak, Doesn’t Alyson Hannigan lives in Los Angeles?

gang green, your cite only demonstrates that Glinda was the most evil person in Oz. It proves nothing about iniquity relative to the bald dude.

Glinda all the way. Lex was a failure. Glinda got things done - if you were in her way, you ended up gone.

And if you were her abused pawn, you ended up thanking her for manipulating you and nearly getting you killed for yuks.

Question: Has Glinda ever been seen in the same room with Dick Cheney? Of course. Doesn’t that seem odd?

Glinda was definitely sneaky evil and had no compunction about killing anyone without a second thought. At least you know where you stand with Luthor. I don’t want her waterboarded, i just want her far away from me.

[Dark Oak]

She is…no longer necessary. I have The Druidess now.

[/Dark Oak]

pfft Everyone knows Dick Cheney moonlights in an alternate universe as The Penguin.

I guess the question is:

Appearance of being Good while being extremely efficient
Appearance of being evil while being ineffective.

But then, Lex has Superman as his archnemesis. That’ll put a crimp in a lot of things. OTOH, Glinda would probably arrange for him to permanently leave Earth and be happy to do so.

I don’t know know if she’s more evil, but Glinda is definitely the most dangerous. She can manipulate you into being her patsy and personal hitman, and does it all with a condescending smile on her face, and you are grateful for it. That’s scary man.

Also, Tinkerbell was a total bitch.

Lex. Glinda was Dorothy’s excuse for hanging out in Oz exactly as long as she wanted to; I mean, really, we’re supposed to believe that helium-throated dimbulb was working the wires on everybody?

Lex was a failure, yes, but at least he meant to do harm. Glinda thought she was helping (as much as a reverse Mary-Sue can be said to think).

I also voted for including Papa Smurf, although the details are off. Brainy was never touched – he was just nervous all the time because he knew what Papa was doing to Smurfette (and the poor kid never remembered any of it, thanks to the smurfberry extract).

Glinda is a manifestation of Dorothy’s subconscious. She exists only in Dorothy’s dream. Therefore all the inconsistencies are merely because dreams don’t always make sense. If anything, we should be discussing Dorothy’s subconscious and what this means.

Lex because in Superman Returns Lex planned a new kyptonian continent to take up all the North Atlantic ocean drowning billions of people all around the world in a real estate scheme.

So he was creating a huge metropolis, a city, if you will. And this was to be made up of crystals. Green ones. Emerald even. And so now you are trying to convince us that Lex planned this new Emerald City all on his own? No sir, there was certainly somebody pulling the strings, somebody eeeeeeevil.

Stop telling lies. That never happened. Lois Lane is not twelve years old, goddammit!

[Fairy hijack]

Y’know, it really bothers the piss out of me that they’ve turned Tink nice. And I say that as a mother of a 5 year old girl, so we’ve been drowning in damn Disney Fairies crap for years now. Her bed is Disney Fairies, her bench is Disney Fairies. We’ve got Disney Fairies coloring books and tea set and art kits and a water bottle and playing cards…she LOVES Disney Fairies. I’m a good mommy, so I indulge her. (Besides they’re almost always on purple backgrounds, which I prefer to the Disney Princess Pink- her next favorite.)

But on every single bit of Disney Fairies paraphernalia, I have to look at the beatified face of that evil little bitch, Tinkerbell. The one who killed Wendy and manipulated Peter and made murderers of The Lost Boys! That bitch! That utter bitch!


Sorry, bout that. I have oddly strong feelings on this issue. :smiley:

[/fairy hijack]

Lex should have been given a medal and a second* nuclear bomb when the first failed. And when successful, two more nukes to excise Texas and Florida.

*OK, technically third, but a second for dumping CA into the ocean.


Only a dream? Oh crap, does that mean the lady and sheriff and coming for Toto today?

I had the impression that more than one day had passed while Dorothy was unconscious.

Almira may well have been killed in the tornado.

On the other hand – I don’t think we see Toto in the coda, and I don’t think he’d have left Dorothy’s side unless … :frowning: