More Flying Chickens

I was looking through the mailbag archives and saw the discussion on flying chickens. Not to beat a dead… um… chicken, but the comment “the (ancestral) wild red jungle fowl wasn’t a great flier” isn’t exactly correct either. When I was young, my family actually raised a few jungle fowl for grins down in Baton Rouge (life was kind of dull). Jungle fowl are tough, mean little hombres who can fly just fine thank-you-very-much. If you want to see jungle fowl on the wing, go to the Jungle Gardens at Avery Island, La. (My Dad got his through a connection down there). Avery Island (near New Iberia, La.) is home port for all the Tobasco Sauce ever made, and for some odd reason they have set jungle fowl loose in their drive-through public gardens. The big ol’ statue of Buddha is pretty neat, too.

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