More fun Japanese girl-metal

They only have one music video, and I have to say the music is not what I was expecting when I saw the YouTube thumbnail for the video:

Band-Maid - “Thrill

Not sure how to classify it. Kinda grunge, kinda alternative, kinda metal. I haven’t previously heard anything quite in this style, but then, I haven’t heard everything.

Nice vocals, nice bass solo, nice guitar solo, and I liked the drummer’s laid-back groove. My only real criticism is that drum fill after the guitar solo. It seemed a bit off, time-wise. But, I like the song and look forward to hearing more from these women.

Do a search for a band called Shonen Knife.

That’s pretty good.

And I don’t find the look and the music particularly out of whack with each other. While the maid gimmick they’re all sporting is a pretty cute gimmick, it’s not outside the realm of more subdued gothloli looks, which are certainly not unknown on artists who play rock. (Both male and female…google Nana Kitade and “Mana Malice Mizer” for examples. Kitade varies her look and both of them often go rather more baroque than these gals, but still…)

I’d call it a decent imitation of late 80s West Coast Metal, a la Guns 'n Roses. That bass solo is pretty tight.

Saw them live at AWA last year. They still kick ass.

I’m familiar :slight_smile: Not the same style, though.

But I do love brown mushrooms.

That was a great song.

One (of many) things I noticed is that none of them were playing ESP guitars! I’ve been watching Japanese bands for years and it seems like everyone plays an ESP, usually an Artists Series.

Did I mention it was a great song!

Fender bass, Rickenbacker guitar … I have not been able to make out what the lead guitarist is playing.

It is good, I judge it so. I’d like to hear a live version. Just breaking new gate.

I give you Bridear.

(Interesting shoes the drummer is wearing!)

The unknown guitar is an Addictone custom.

This band is great!!! Aldious

They put me in mind of a Japanese version of Kittie.

I’m back. This time with Mary’s Blood.

There are so many good female Japanese bands!!

Heh - I love the bass player’s stockings :smiley:

Someone put up a live video of the OP song. Filmed April 11th, 2015 @ the Shibayu eggman

I was loving the bass playing even before the solo - her playing is tight and packs some punch. I’m a little tired though of the way JPop and KPop are so often sexualized…maid’s uniform’s aren’t a big step from schoolgirl uniforms.

Interesting - pigtail girl doesn’t have her Rickenbacker in the live video. That makes me wonder if it was just a prop for the (studio) video. In that video, I couldn’t tell if she was really playing it or not (I don’t doubt the three in the back).

Addictone. It’s a Japanese brand.

ETA missed Bunyupp’s post, sorry.

Saw Shonen Knife once in a wee club, on a bill that had Nirvana as support. feels old