More GOP Senators Have COVID Than Have Acknowledged That Joe Biden Won

I think it would more accurate to say those Senators ‘have or have had’ COVID. I don’t think Rand Paul, for example, currently has COVID.

Interestingly enough, I looked this up today and Coronavirus is much more partisan in the Senate than the House. Of the Senators who have gotten COVID, 7 are Republican and 0 are Democrat. In the House, 16 are Republican and 9 are Democrat.

It’s not immediately obvious why Democratic House members are much more vulnerable to COVID compared to Senate members.

I think this is more appropriate for Politics and Elections than the Quarantine Zone.

QZ Moderator

The lead snip in the OP’s huffpost article says it all:

The deadly virus has taken hold more than reality.

If the virus watched Fox then things would be different. But it’s too smart for that. That’s right; a few strands of almost-naked RNA is smarter than half the Senate.

I wouldn’t say that.

It’s just that RNA’s ambitions are lower.

And its morals are higher.

My guess is that it’s because all the Democratic house members were up for election and thus were more likely to be interacting with the public. In the senate I think something like 1/4 of the Democratic senators were running for re-election, with only one of those running in a competitive race. It goes without saying why more Republicans than Democrats have become infected.

Arizona US House Rep for District 3 Raul Grijalva blamed Republicans for not masking on his having Covid.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s right about that.

This is a wee bit unfair.

Most of them don’t believe that COVID could kill them, but they do believe that – if only politically – admitting that Biden is #46 … could.