Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tests positive for Coronavirus

But hey, at least we didn’t have to spend the last couple of years wasting tax dollars on some commie socialist pandemic task force.

Thoughts and prayers for the miserable bastard.

At a tough time like this for Senator Paul, I take comfort that he can rely on the kindness of his neighbor.

I’m sure he’ll decline any treatments that were developed with government funding.

Schadenfreude aside, I hope he recovers. And has an epiphany about the needs of others.

Ok, that killed. :smiley:

Was there some testing of all members of Congress that I missed? Otherwise why was a test used on an asymptomatic person against what seems to be protocol?

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. :dubious:

He KNEW he had been exposed, and yet went to the Senate gym this morning (which included a few laps in the pool - taking “Drain the Swamp” into another dimension), thus potentially infecting who knows how many people.

Republicans offered him “thoughts and prayers.”

This is terrible news for Senator Paul. Giving him the same level of action as was promised for Sandy Hook kids is an insult.

I assumed he had exposure to someone who later tested positive…

You know, I was wondering why I suddenly had absolutely no interest in the election, and do you know what I think it is? I have no idea who will be alive, and not incapacitated, by then.

I thought tests were reserved for symptomatic individuals until the shortage is addressed.

Now, now, say something nice. Like… he’s not the worst Senator Kentucky has.

From Paul’s office:

IOW, 'cause he’s speshul.

Very low bar…


In my home state, Minnesota, all the gyms have been closed for several days, and the Senators are still using theirs? How irresponsible and stupid.

I can’t really post a link, but according to CNN Live Updates four additional GOP Senators (Romney, Lee, Gardner, Scott) are under self quarantine due to extensive contact they have had recently with Sen. Paul, effectively reducing the GOP senate majority to 48-47 for the time being.

I hope he gave Mitch a big bear hug before going off to be tested.

Here are his proposals as to what to do for the coronavirus problem:

Frankly I am surprised he goes this far.