More lies about WMDs from Bush et al.

Colin Powell, as quoted in this CNN story:

Really, Mr. Powell? Iraq “was determined to have the capability to develop” WMDs? Then what you said pre-war at the U.N. about Iraq actually having WMDs was a lie, right?

And how about your boss, who said Iraq actually had WMDS and that Sadam could launch them at U.S. interests (if not the U.S. mainland itself) within 45 minutes? Wasn’t that a lie, too?

This U.S. Administration and its revisionist spin doctors sicken me. They sold this war on the premise that Iraq had WMDs, and now they are smugly and cheerfully boasting that Sadam had the fucking capability to develop WMDs. Isn’t there a big, fat difference there?

Yeah, I was against this war from Day 1. But I supported our troops. Gee, I wonder how those troops are feeling now that they know that their commander in chief led them to a war on the wings of a lie? Aren’t they a bit pissed that some of their colleagues have died due to the dubious machinations of their leader?

And in the same CNN story:

“On Thursday, [chief U.S. weapons inspector David] Kay told the House and Senate intelligence committees that his team of 1,200 people may need six to nine more months before it has a grasp of the extent of Iraq’s weapons programs.”

Cripes … 1,200 people and 6-9 more months to come up with a definite conclusion! Well, I’m sure glad this country went to war on the reports of a handful of spies. What good spies they must have been to have been able to do the work of 1,200 people – and in much less time, too!

And this is different from the other 438,295 Bush bashing threads how, exactly?

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