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I have been trying to find this song for a long time, I have tried the International Lyrics Server and various websites. This song is from the 70’s (I think)and it goes “Laser Beam in my dream can’t get it on, can’t get it off.” Something having to do with chickens, and a farm, and a laser beam. I have been looking for this song for my dad. He thinks it’s by Little Feat (feet?), but so far a search has turned up nothing. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Chickens, a farm and a laser beam? Huh. Very interesting. Before the 70’s we didn’t have laser beams, but there were chickens and farms. Sounds very exciting and I think I will remember it when it comes to mind. Don’t give up, this is very important.

You’re looking for “Chicken Train” (aka “Chicken Train Stomp”) by Steve Cash.
The lyrics for it are here.
It’s an interesting song. Nothing about farms, though (the lyrics talk about wanting the “chicken train” to take its chickens away). It sounds like someone had an idea for two songs, couldn’t flesh out either one, so combined them.

Whoops. The song is written by Steve Cash, but played by Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Sorry about that.

Silent_Rob you are my hero! Thank you so much!!