More movies: This time, it's sexy scenes!

I’m not talking about it being sexy just cause someone got nekkid, and porn probably shouldn’t count either :slight_smile:

The one that comes to mind for me right now was in Out of Sight. George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. When they met up in the restaurant, wow. The words, the music, and the acting skills there really did it for me. I mean, I was sitting there just amazed. I actually wished that it were me on the screen, with those kind of moves.

Go ahead, tell the world what movie scene really made you tingle!

All the Right Moves – Tom Cruise and Lea Thompson’s nipples.

Salma Hayek as Satanico Pandemonium in From Dusk 'till Dawn. Before she went zombie, of course… I’m talking about the champagne-dripping-from-the-toe scene - YOWZAH!!

I win. Period.

Almost any of the Clark Gable/Jean Harlow scenes in “Red Dust.” Pre-Code and hubba-hubba!

Ditto the scenes between Garbo and Gilbert in “Flesh and the Devil.”

Red Dust and Out of Sight – ditto.

My favorite movie sex scene has been, for a long time, Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson in The Tall Guy. Sex is fun, sex is playful, sex can be goofy… and this is about the only time I’ve seen a couple making love on-screen that wasn’t deadly serious, looking-into-each-others-eyes while Kenny G plays on the soundtrack and candles flicker on every horizontal surface. Goldblum and Thompson, if you haven’t seen it, roll off the bed, knock over their breakfast, end up in (and on) the wardrobe, etc., etc. It’s hilarious, and it’s sexy because it’s fun.

Okay I’ll try to be brief -

-I always liked the sex scene from Roadhouse, not the best movie but great scene, and along the Patrick Swayze bent for a sec, the Dirty Dancing scene too.
-Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.
-Annabella Sciorra and Wesley Snipes - Jungle Fever
-Susan Sarandon and Kevin Costner on the breakfast table

That’s all I can think of right now

3 words…
First Ten Minutes…

Jack Nicolson, and Jessica Lang in the Postman rings twice.

L Amant (The Lover)

Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

El Mariachi II - that movie with Antonio Banderas.
After killing a dozen or so bad guys, jumping over
roofs, guns firing and testosterone pumping, he
grabs the girl around and gives her one of the most
sexually exciting kisses that makes the price of admission
to this otherwise stupid film acceptable.

Sexy scenes… Hmm…

The subway scene from Risky Business with Tom Cruise and the to die for, gorgeous Rebecca DeMornay… Oh, man I still wish I was in that subway with her…

The ending of Hackers, with Angelina Jolie and the male lead actor (can’t think of his name right now) in the pool on the roof of the building. My lovely Angelina…

The Money Train, the scene with Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Jennifer…

Any and all James Bond getting the girl at the end scenes.

I believe you were referring to Jonny Lee Miller, Ridley. Angelina’s ex-hubby. I have his poster on my wall :wink:

Definitely the restaurant scene and the subsequent undressing scene in Out of Sight - what a couple of beautiful people those two are.


The English Patient - when Katharine is telling Herodotus’ story about the king’s wife to the group of explorers in front of the fire - you can see they are hanging on her every word, and then Almasy abruptly gets up and walks to his tent. You can tell that’s when he knew he was in love with her. Also the bathtub scene (up until the moment when Katharine ruins it with her comment about loving her husband).

The Godfather (can’t remember if it’s I or II) - when Michael first sees Appollonia and gets “hit by the thunderbolt.”

The House of the Spirits - when Winona Ryder sneaks out of the house and down to the river to meet Antonio Banderas in the middle of the night.

I’ll certainly second that. Sexy and romantic at the same time. Watch it with your SO. Unless, of coures, you’re a little insecure. :wink:
On my list to rent again.

Two that jump to mind:
The Big Easy…Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin
No Way Out…Kevin Costner and Sean Young in the limo
And I’ll second Poysyn’s mention of Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon on the table in Bull Durham. Hmmm…sounds like I’m a Kevin Costner fan. I’m really not so I guess I’ll have to think up some more that don’t feature him.

Postman Always Ring Twice (1981) - I second that.

Top Gun - I second that, too, though I think “Take My
Breath Away” has a lot to do with it.

Gone With the Wind - 22 1/2 hours into the movie, when Ashley and Scarlett FINALLY kiss.

Age of Innocence - When Daniel Day-Lewis kisses Michelle Pfeiffer’s feet. That man could suck my toes anytime.

The elevator scene in Fatal Attraction with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close