More on my husband's grandma and her right-wing causes

More about my husband’s grandma (the one who keeps getting mail from right-wing causes and keeps sending money).

A bunch of us visited her on Saturday. I got there late. When I got there the others were down at the beach (on Lake Erie), all except for Grandma and my father-in-law who was trimming some shrubs.

She had been to a funeral that morning. She said she was tired and needed to sit down. So we sat down and I asked her about the funeral. She talked about it a little. She talked about it being her friend’s time to go. Then she said, “I don’t think I want to live another year, with what is going on in the government.”

I said, “Well, you could just ignore the government.”

We talked a little about no matter what group you give your money to, they seem to spend all the money sending you more requests for money.

Anyway, I kind of diverted the conversation and when she felt rested we walked down to the beach and sat on a bench watching the others.

Last night I told my husband about this and cried. Really, Grandma should be allowed to live our her life without worrying about this stuff. Why won’t my in-laws take her mail and finances away from her and encourage her to be happy? Why am I the only one who is upset about this?

My husband said something about showing Grandma the stuff that was bandied about back when Jefferson was running for president. His opponent said he was the antichrist or something. I don’t think this will really help Grandma.

Because if they do, they’ve broken the law and could even be arrested, which is only as it should be.

The world would badly suck if every person who thought they could better handle their aging parent’s or aunt’s finances & estate could simply waltz in and say “I’m handing this 'cuz you’re old”. Not merely because some of the well-meaning kids and nieces and whatnot nevertheless do not have any legitimate right to decide by themselves when their older relatives should no longer be allowed to handle their own affairs, but also because some kids and nieces and etc. are acquisitive little bastards who think they are intrinsically entitled to the old geezer’s money (and why isn’t he dead yet anyhow?)

This is why competency hearings exist in the first place. If the lady is non compos mentis the court should be able to recognize that fact. But she gets to contest it, and the burden of proof is not on her.

And that, too, is as it should be.