More questions for YEC's.

Any YEC’s out there want to offer their opinions?

. How do you explain the existence of colliding galaxies?

  1. In 1054AD Chinese astronomers observed the supernova which formed the Crab nebula. The nebula is 7000 lightyears from Earth. When did the supernova actually happen? How are we able to see the supernova from Earth?

  2. How do you explain the existence of strips of crust with reversed magnetic field?

  3. How do you explain the existence of upside-down sections of geologic strata?

  4. Why do galaxies rotate?

  5. What is the process by which synclines and anticlines are formed?


  1. What’s a YEC?

A young-earth creationist.


A Young-Earth Creationist - a person who maintains that the Earth was created directly by God, six thousand years ago (and variations on that theme).

Right, thanks guys.

Well, I’m not a YEC (hell, I’m not even a Christian), but I can answer these.

  1. God made them.
  2. God created the light from the supernova at the point necessary to reach us in 1054AD. No supernova actually existed, outside of the mind of God.
  3. See 1.
  4. See 1.
  5. To give us something to think about. Maybe she thought they looked prettier?
  6. Right, I had to look this one up. God made them.

Really, you’ll never get an answer that will satisfy you, so just leave it be (or keep hitting your head against the wall, whatever turns you on).

Why don’t you just answer with, “The entire universe was created by God 5 seconds ago with the appearance of age?” :rolleyes:

Wouldn’t that be easier, and completely bullet-proof to boot?

Umm, because that isn’t what a YEC would say?

By “synclines”, do you mean geosynclines, migeosynclines, and eugeosynclines?

I am not familiar with “anticlines”.

remembering my college Geology class

Just wondering.


Ben, I’ve just looked in the packet and there aren’t any YECs left here; somebody must have eaten the last one and kept quiet about it.

It all depends on your point of view. Picture this: you are standing on a featureless sphere. You and the sphere are the only things that exist in this hypothetical universe. The is one law in this universe: Everything is expanding constantly. Therefor: even though this universe doesn’t have gravity, if you jump, the sphere will catch up to you and you would “land”. It is in this same fashion that a movie that consists of thousands of slides can appear to move.

If you are sitting still and a car is moving away from you: how can you be sure that you aren’t moving and the car is staying still?

It is in this fashion that it could appear that the earth is younger than it appears ( if you place a letter in a weather simulator, it will come out looking aged beyond its lifespan… right? ). The forces involved in the earths creation may very well have created this “aged” appearance, reversed gravitational fields in areas and created other effects you described.

Easily enough: no one can be certain that distance outside of our atmosphere is the same as it it here. Have you heard of the concept of a “space-time mirror”? you know those weird mirrors that make you look tall and skinny or short and squat? Its quite possible the the universe isn’t “shaped” in flat planes. Its also quite possible that the universe is “curved”. I’m not sure how to explain the concept in more understandable terms though…

how do you?

do you seriously think an explosion would create rotation?

you’re over my head here… I don’t know about those. Would you care to enlighten me?

dunno :slight_smile:
I am not a YEC, I believe that the bible is a spiritual book that uses parables to tell truths. Though it is possible that the YECs are correct and the bible is to be taken literally…

by the way…

if we evolved from monkeys, why are they all still around?

We’re not that lucky.


As others have mentioned, pretty much the answers a YEC will provide will be “because God made them that way.”

A marginally more interesting question is “Why would God make the universe such that it really, really looks like it is WAY more 6k years old? Is he fucking with us, just for laughs?” I assume a YEC would say something like “God made it that way to tempt our faith” or “Satan places these false clues to tempt us away from Christianity.”

Like most faith-based beliefs, this one also has mechanisms to explain away any and all contradictions, and hence survives.

Ah, that old chestnut.

IIRC, saying that humans evolved from monkeys isn’t entirely accurate. It would be more accurate to say that humans, monkeys, apes, chimpanzees, and other primates share a common ancestor.

That’s the key phrase: a common ancestor.

The common ancestor is no longer around, but the evolutionary offshoots of this common ancestor are definitely still around.

… makes sense :slight_smile:


Looking like it in some respects, but not all. For example, the C14 levels will be unchanged. If you want to claim that the universe as a whole has been artificially aged in order to make it appear older in every detectable respect, I have an invisible pink unicorn I’d like to sell you.


Please, just answer the questions. Vague handwaving about false aging doesn’t cut it unless you can address the specifics.

And what do reversed gravitational fields have to do with anything?


Occam’s Razor.


No, I’m afraid not. Cite?


“Quite possible”? The universe is known to have negative curvature. And could you explain how that connects to the questions?


Well, it’s simple enough. The strata got folded so much they flipped over.

I ask again: how can upside-down strata be explained in a YEC framework?


What on earth are you talking about? Galaxies originated in condensing gas clouds, not an explosion.


They’re strata that have been bowed up or down.

It’s also possible that Alice in Wonderland is a travelogue. How can you expect me to take the YEC position seriously if, when confronted with some basic questions about the evidence, you can only engage in vague handwaving and test my knowledge of Geology 101?