More Rescued Cats

A friend at work had some really useless neighbors. The sort that regularly have their kids picked up or brought home by the police, never leave their house but have short-term visitors stopping by at all hours, let all sorts of trash pile up around the house - you know the sort. Not surprisingly, the house was foreclosed on and they left, but no before trashing the insides and leaving behind two young cats with no food or water. Unfortunately, the bank locked up the house before anyone knew about the cats.

My friend found out about the cats when a local kid told her that he has seen cats in the basement. Friend called the local shelters, the police, and the local foreclosure company to open the house so she could rescue the cats. She called me and I suggested we accidentally break a basement window, set out some food, and snag the cats. She said she would call me, but luckily the foreclosure company send some workers over to start clearing out the house. They let her in to look for the cats.

The house is beyond trashed. Obviously these people had kept the cats in the basement for most of their lives without bothering to put down cat boxes, clean out shit, or anything else. She described it as “ankle-deep in cat poop”, because she is politer than I am. Eventually she found them, hiding behind the insulation panels, absolutely terrified. The got them out, got them cleaned up, and took them to her house day before yesterday where they have been making up for lost meals.

After they got some food, clean water, and a good night’s sleep, they were different cats - sweet and shy, but soaking up the attention and eventually crawling into foster laps. They even let her trim their claws. They are very thin, but look to be in good health otherwise, with clean teeth, good fur (now that it isn’t covered in crap), and clear eyes. She thinks they are about a year old, both neutered males, not declawed. Maybe the nightmare folks didn’t actually have them for that long. She guesses they are littermates as they seem very bonded and, as you can see in the pictures, look almost identical:

Obligatory pics of Thing One and Thing Two:

So, now the next step is adoption. None of the shelters will take them - they are full already, thanks to the mortgage crisis. If anyone in the Des Moines area needs two boys (they probably need to go together after all this) let me know. She can keep them for a while but not forever - like me, she already has more animals than she knows what to do with.

Awwww! I’m not in Des Moines and with three kitties already ruling this house, I"m not in the market for more–but those guys look like my Eddie. I hope they find a good permanent home soon.

Awwww, poor cute little boys. Wish I could help. :frowning:

Same situation around here with the shelters. Everyone is full, and adoptions are slow. My MIL just found a cat as well, and we are attempting to place it for her. She lives in a rural area and we suspect it was dumped.

We just adopted our second kitty, pics as soon as I have time…

We think there is a back-up plan - nothing bad will happen to these guys again. Someone has agreed to foster them long-term if necessary (like they’ll be able to give them up). Also, I have a friend who lost his two older cats early this year - he’s not sure he wants to start over but he’s a divorced lonely guy who is used to having cats around. It’s just a matter of time. I have to figure out how to casually drop them into his lap one day.

Tell him the little guys’ back story, and tell him that you’re trying to get them used to people so they will be more adoptable, then invite him over. One look at those stripey little faces and I’ll bet he’ll melt. I posted in another thread that tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of having my 21-yr old tabby put to sleep. I was inconsolable. I thought I’d never get another cat. One month to the day later, I was at the shelter picking out two sister kittens that were about 8 weeks old. They are now the most happy, spoiled kitties in kittydom.

Nothing to spackle that kitty-shaped hole in your heart like rescuing another one (or two or three) that needs a home.