More Stupid brain things-2022

I got up this morning, lazed for two snooze hits, went and took a shower. After the shower, just as I have done for most mornings of the last 30 years, I started to put in my contacts.

I opened the case, dumped the old solution out, washed out the case, filled with clean solution in case of emergency removal, and went about my day.

But something seemed … wrong…

After getting dressed, and sitting behind the computer, I understood the issue. I never took the contacts out and put them in my eyes before dumping the case into the sink, and down the drain

Ohh well, I was only starting the second week of 2 week contacts, so only a week wasted, But man, my brain…

Yesterday I spent a few moments trying to find the “Wednesday” button on my TV remote…

I just had “Wednesday” on the brain when I picked up the remote.

30 years use is pretty good! After about 25 my eyes just went “Nah. Nope. Enough. Stop putting those things on me, dammit!” So I got laser surgery instead - a bit weird of a procedure but the effects are brilliant.

Why didn’t you just use the Tuesday button and fast forward?

That’s not the Fast Forward button, it’s the Friday Friday button. Never hit that button.

I saw what you did there.

That was week.


Alright, you guys are just showing off your fresh, functioning brains and it is unseemly. Unseemly, I say!

If it’s any consolation, my sense of time is enough of a mess lately that there is a reason my living room clock has a nice big day-of-the-week line on the display.

I’ve got a couple that might make you feel better. There was the time I was driving along, only person in a car old enough to require a physical ignition key. I freaked out because I thought I’d forgotten my keys.

Then there was the time I was at the fuel pump. I’d finished feeding the car (different one from previous tale) and updating DH’s fuel/mileage logbook (this required the key to be in Accessory for odometer display). I released the parking brake, put the car in drive, the car failed to do anything. After a moment or two of utter terror, it finally got through exhaustion and panic that actually starting the engine would improve the situation a lot. (In my defense, I’d been awake for something like 18-20 hours, with at least 10 spent keeping DH company at the hospital he’d been taken to for a broken leg. It had been a long and very stressful day, and we’ve owned enough rolling citrus in our lives that a car breakdown seemed plausible.)

Ever since I retired, one of the requirements when I’m buying a watch is that it shows the day of the week on the face. One of the minor annoyances in my life is that the date and time display on my computer does not have an option to also show the day of the week.