More than a 15tog duvet

Can you get duvets that are more than 15 togs?
Are they really expensive?

There’s one in Argos for £44 king-size 15tog duck and goose feather (not sure about down) is that good value?
My current is a 12 tog and I’m cold at night now, how much warmer is a 15 tog (in % perhaps)??



Could someone please translate this into yank-speak?

duvet = quilt
tog is a measure of the thermal resistance of the duvet, don’t know any equivalent.
I did find a definition for a tog though,
From here:

a unit of thermal resistance used to measure the power of insulation of a fabric, garment, quilt, etc. The tog-value of an article is equal to ten times the temperature difference between its two faces, in degrees Celsius, when the flow of heat across it is equal to one watt per m2

oh, meant to say, don’t know if its good value or not, but if you’re cold why don’t you throw a blanket on top rather than buy a new duvet?
a 15 tog duvet will give a 25% rise in the temp difference between under the duvet and room temp, over a 12 tog duvet.

I’ve already got two blankets over the 12tog duvet - it’s still cold so I’ll probably put the blankets over the 15tog.

Does anyone know if 15tog is the highest they go?

I’m not finding anything on Google offhand that goes higher than that, except for one minor reference to a 16 tog. It’s possible it’s just a typo on the web page.

And a lot of the 13.5s are already billed as “extra warm for winter use”.

Are the ones you have stuffed with man-made fibers or goose down? A goose down 13.5 or 15 might feel warmer than a polyester or dacron 13.5 or 15.

Can I suggest an electric blanket? They rock. I had to live in a drafty old house in Michigan for two years, and it was the only way I survived the winters.

[privately wondering what frigid hell Flapcats is inhabiting]