More twickery

I wrote a quiz.

Tough and fun Quiz, I also failed to understand my score:

Jim (Any chance of you sending me the answers in Email?)

I didn’t do so good - I only scored a 52 (how many points per question?) but it was a good quiz

4 points per question – so it’s a percentage.

Ack! I did terrible. Well, I guess I knew that, but only 9 out of 25, Sheesh!.

Fun Quiz.

Answer key:

1B; 2A; 3B; 4B; 5D; 6A; 7D; 8D; 9C; 10B; 11A; 12B; 13C; 14B; 15B; 16C; 17B; 18C; 19B; 20C; 21A; 22B; 23B; 24C; 25C.

I got a 68, which means some of my guesses must have been right.

OK, what gives? I finished the quiz, all 25 questions, then gave the additional info and pressed “Finish!” All I get is a picture of a cartoonish emcee type guy holding out his arm as if there should be something amazing on the page!

you gotta sign up and take the quiz again to see you score (sucks, yeah, but the site must be new so it’s starved for members)

OK, I did it again and got a 76. Now to look at Twickster’s spoiler box and see where I messed up!

I got 44.

Considering that this test was somewhat US-culture centric, and I answered all of the celebrity/actor/TV questions close to randomly, that’s not bad.

Cool. though! It was neat doing a test that someone I know on the boards designed.

Could you have the ‘must be 18 to play’ warning before taking the test? It would be bad to get all the way through it and then discover that the system would not mark you bwecause you were only 17. (And why does an online quiz about Hollywood and twins need an age limit?)

I answered four questions and got them all right for a whopping 16 points. For the number of things on there that happened before I was born, I don’t feel bad.

It’s on a dating site.

Heh. After you introduce me to rap, I’ll introduce you to the greatness that is the Fred and Ginger oeuvre. :wink:

I got a 60, which was a lot better than I would have thought. I must be a good guesser!

I got a 64 when I did the quiz alone, and Airman and I together got a 76. This test was hard! Neither of us knows squat about soap operas or game shows.


I didn’t take the test, but after scanning the first few questions, I projected a 0.


(And just scanning the first few is misleading – there’s plenty of other ridiculously hard trivia besides music.)

I got a 76, but I wasn’t really trying.

After two tries, I get a cartoon MC whooshing me into results, but no results. I’m on a Mac, so mebbe that’s the reasom.

Dunno why being on a Mac would make a difference – of course, I didn’t know about the “must be 18” part either.

Looks like 76% counts as kicking butt with this puppy. :cool: