Morgan for a girl? Like/dislike?

I know there are quite a few threads about names and was hesitant to open another one but my sister is having the most difficult time coming up with a girl’s name and I would love to get the input of fellow dopers out there. Since my mom’s given name is Ivanna she is going to use that as a middle name and would like something to pair with that.

Other names she is considering:

Alexandra (Alex for short)
Chelsea (although this one was at the top of her list, her husband said it reminds him too much of Chelsea Clinton so he would prefer something else.)

Any ideas or input?

My next-door-neighbour is French, and she’s called Morgan. Also, in Morte d’Arthur, King Arthur’s half-sister was Morgan Le Fay.

I like it.

I LOVE the name Alexandra, but Alexandra Ivanna sounds funny to me. I agree with your BIL on Chelsea. Of all the choices in the OP, Morgan Ivanna sounds best. Of course it also depends on the last name.

Well, if you want opinions, I don’t like any of those names except Alexandra and maybe Megan.

Go with Alexandra! The world needs more babies named after me! (3 and counting…)

That’s what I thought too - I think it’s the A’s in the two names together.

And I agree that Morgan Ivanna sounds best to me.

Actually, if you want input, I’ve always liked the name Katrina for a girl. Plus I’ve only ever met 2 women with that for a name so it’s relatively unique.

Also I think Katrina Ivana sounds nice, YMMV though.

Hey, how about Jacqulyn? :wink:

I’m digging Morgan. Definitely.

Silentgoldfish, I like Katrina too. Together…that first name and middle name do go together nicely. However, we have a cousin named Karina who is not at all well-liked by my mom so there may be some reservations with that name since the two sound so similar. With Alexandra, that was our first choice for a while until my sister got the idea of using my mom’s name as a middle…then we weren’t so sure about it. Something about shortening a female to a common male name is appealing to me. We were also considering Nicole for a while as well but that name seems to have come off the list.

Thanks so much to everyone for their input. I would love any other name ideas that anyone has if they don’t like the given ones.

The Morgan is a breed of horse. Do you really want to subject a kid to that?

I think Morgan would be a lovely name for a girl. Slightly unusual, but sounds nice.

Well, the only Morgans I know are guys, but I like the name for a girl. Of your list, I like Megan the best.

What’s the last initial? With a vowel for the middle initial, always be aware that the kid doesn’t end up with something like PIG for initials!

Well, Morgan Fairchild is reasonably well known, so I don’t see any problems on the issue of whether it’s appropriate for girls.

That said, Morgan is yet another one of those trendy last-name-as-first-name names that I have never liked. Elementary schools around the nation are packed with too many Hunters, Connors, Chases, Taylors, Madisons, Morgans, Tylers, etc.

If you like shortening girls’ names to boyish nicknames, Samantha’s a great one, as are Roberta, Patricia and Joanna.

That’s my reaction also. I do so dislike trendy names. My daughter had 4 friends named Jessica, and more Amanda/Mandy/Megans than I can count. If I was naming a child today, I’d look at a list of what was popular 40 or 50 years ago - just to be different. Does anyone name their daughters Carol or Susan or Barbara any more?

Yes, FCM, actually my name is one of the three you listed. :slight_smile: Although people keep expecting me to be a 50-year old when they meet me, only knowing my name beforehand.

I vote for Chelsea–it’s a pretty name and very usable, both for when she’s a child and when an adult. And, yeah, unfortunately, Morgan makes me think of horses.

Oh dear, that sounded insulting. It’s not that I dislike the names Jessica, Amanda, Mandy, or Megan - it’s just that it seems EVERYONE loved those names at the same time, hence the overload. Seems to me if you want your child to be unique, you avoid names on the most-popular name lists.

This comes from a Michelle who had 2 other Michelles in her first grade class over 40 years ago…

I know a girl named Morgan, and I think it’s a beautiful name… but Megan is soooooooo trendy right now, there are three in my AP English class (High School). Alexandra is beautiful too, and personally I think Alexandra Ivanna has a flair to it, as long as the last name works too. Kendall is pretty, but Chelsea has been ruined by the Clintons.
But, this is one girl’s opinion, and I got stuck with “Amy” one of the most boring and trendy name of 1985 …

Didn’t hurt Morgan Fairchild any.

jjimm likes Morgan as a girl’s name because of the Arthurian connection, but that’s the reason I dislike it. It makes me think of Morgan Le Fay, who in most versions of the Arthurian legend is a horrible person. Might as well name a kid Lucrezia or Jezebel.

I have a friend who has the name Morgan. I think its a really nice name.

Morgan gets a big thumbs up from this corner.