Mormon Sexual Symbology

The standard joke of the phallic nature of sky scrappers applies to the LDS Church headquarters in SLC. In fact, this building is as it were, a rather complete representation of the male reproductive parts.

Mormons are known for their reproductive prowess, is the design of this building an overt brag?

Well, your zip code is downtown SLC, so maybe you can tell us.

Looks like any one of thousands and thousands of apartment buildings or office buildings here in South Korea. You noted already that there’s a standard joke about skyscrapers being phallic in appearance. That would lead me to conclude that you could take any skyscraper on the planet and attach a phallic significance to the building.

As far as “being known for reproductive prowess,” I’d think you’d have a hard time making that case as the majority of Mormons live outside the United States and it might be difficult to determine which religious demographic corresponds to the most fertile demographic worldwide.

And they’re called skyscrapers. (I add this because this is the third time I’ve seen that misspelling today and it’s the Dope just happened to be the third message board I’ve checked today.)

I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing a building, not very different from many other buildings, looking like it was properly engineered, and standing according to whatever plans it was built by. Am I missing something?

It may be because I’m repressed, but doesn’t this building have testicles?

I think the relief maps on the facade are supposed to look like testicles according to this theory.

You need to be looking for it before you can see it.

How do you know they’re not genital warts?

My first impression, largely based on the angle at which the picture was taken, was a grain elevator. Which also has connotations of fertility, but it’s a much farther reach.

The Nebraskans can do it better; take a look at THIS building; see that sculpture all the way up top? That’s the SOWER, a Man Tossing His Seed From on High.

Sometimes a building is just a building.

Errr…my male reproductive parts don’t look like that. Not at all. Maybe yours are different?

Unless Mormons are made of Lego, I’m not sure how that’s supposed to look like their reproductive bits.

Huh. I’m looking for it and I still don’t see it.

I’ve seen some semi-phallic skyscrapers before (consider The Gherkin:, but this ain’t one.

Ah, yes, the Giant Glass Turd Building.

Anything more than twice as long as wide is phallic.

Or in some cases, thrice. :slight_smile:

However, there will be the question of the active members. It looks like the inactively rate of the non-USA members really sucks.

If we look at Japan, we get a really interesting insight:

The numbers are worse than when I was a missionary here in Japan 30 years ago, when there were 11 missions.

Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with the OP, but neither does your response.

Penis, hell. That there’s a girl’s best (battery operated) friend!

I would think that the sharp edges would scrape rather horribly. :eek:

Have you seen the capitol of Florida? Phallic shaped capitol building for a phallic-shaped state. It was even built with testicles!

None of which has fuck all to do with mormonism.

I think it’s Christian Americans in general, rather than Mormons, specifically. After all, there’s this one-time “World’s Largest Phallic Symbol”, dedicated to the “Father of Our Country”, as found on a Christian website.