Moron hillbilly's in bumfuck Virginia

Their heads will surely explode later when the kids have to learn Al-Jebra.

Good news: under Sharia law a feller can have him four wives

Bad news: cain’t none of them be his sister

Bad news: got to take your shoes off before you go into the mosque

Good news: does that mean we all git shoes now?

I can kinda see why they might be upset. Of all the countless millions of things the teacher could have had his students write he chose “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet?” That’s a claim that devout Christian parents (not to mention students) would find theologically objectionable. And to me, the fact that the statement wasn’t translated makes it worse because there might have been some kids in the class who, if they did know what it meant, might not have wanted to do the activity.

Choosing that particular thing to write sounds almost like the teacher was trolling.

Hey!! No Star Wars spoilers, please!!!

Yeah-- Wouldn’t there be some outrage here if a teacher required students to write The Lord’s Prayer?

To clarify a little bit, it appears that this assignment was part of the class study on world religions, the assignment in question came out of a standard textbook and while it doesn’t have an English translation it does state quite clearly that it is the “Islamic statement of faith”.

Here’s a CNN story, including a picture of the actual assignment.

So to sum up:

-Class specifically includes study of world religions.
-Class uses a standard textbook on the subject.
-Teacher picks an assignment from that same textbook.
-Assignment does say what the phrase is about.

Yes, obviously a case of a rogue teacher stealthily indoctrinating innocent students into an Evil Religion completely outside of the material that they should have been learning.

Let’s ban textbooks. Not all textbooks, I love some textbooks. But for now, until we figure out what’s going on with textbooks we should ban all of them.

Ah, that’s different. If it was actually part of a world religions course and if the students knew what they were writing and had no objections then it’s fair enough. Given all that, the reaction of the parents is pretty silly. Thanks for the info.

Having students write out the profession of faith of a religion is not an appropriate exercise for a world religions course. The “moron hillbillies” were right to object.

Please tell me your whoosing us, because I’d hate to think somebody needs to be hit with a clue stick that hard.

Oh please do, I’m sure your clue stick will knock me over. You don’t teach Christianity by making students recite the Hail Mary, and you don’t teach Islam by making students copy out the Shahada.


You’re a fuckturd.

Yeah, my initial read on this was to assume there was some sort of xenophobia based overreaction. But, it’s bullshit to make a classroom of children in a public school write a religious affirmation of any kind as an assignment. I’m pro hillbilly here.

Let’s force the kids write “Christ is Lord” and see how the enlightened sophisticates on this board react.

If the assignment is to write out what each religion believes, then why not?

The statement was not translated into English, and students were not asked to “translate it, recite it or otherwise adopt or pronounce it as a personal belief,”

“The communications have significantly increased in volume [Thursday], and based on concerns regarding the tone and content of those communications, Sheriff Fisher and Dr. Bond mutually decided schools and school offices will be closed,” the district said.

How pissed off were these redneck parents? Seems like a communication that resulted in the closing of the schools is a crime. Go ahead, call in something to a school that results in the school’s closing, without committing a crime. I dare ya’!

Why the fuck not? Do you think that writing out the words will somehow cause them to be possessed or something? Should a “Comparative Religions” class come with a special “No Writing-No Homework” clause, just to make sure they don’t become influenced by those furrin religions?

I don’t find the content of this assignment to be objectionable, but it is surprising to me that this was a high school assignment when it seems like something more on the elementary school level:

Since this wasn’t an art class they were presumably not being graded based on their ability to replicate the calligraphy. They apparently just had to make some reasonable attempt to draw what they saw in the designated box. Were I the parent of a child at this school it would bother me that my teenager was being given this kind of babyish busywork.

Standing with the hillbilly(’)s here in opposition, though not quite outrage - more head-shaking at the decision-making. Some people won’t even write out the word God on a message board, much less write out statements of faith.

Was this Comparative Religion class mandatory or elective?