Majority Opposed To Teaching Arabic Numerals

Life in the Age of Trump:

I’m surprised that I’m not surprised by the poll.

Obviously people prefer Roman numerals. I, myself, am a bit slow reading them…

I have some bad news for the 56%…


Was this because of that plot line on Veep? I mean, did the people who conducted this poll watch Veep and get the idea from there? Life imitates art, I guess.

So Civic Science has basically reduced itself to a version of Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking”, is my take away from that article.

Says more about them than the people who don’t remember some obscure lesson they were taught back in third grade.

This was just some bull shit tactic to get people to imply: “Muslims are bad. Mmmkay?”

It could be the neurological effects of dihydrogen monoxide exposure.

I was once totally into that. The experience left me breathless.
But the hard stuff left me cold.

Remember freedom fries?

Introducing freedom numerals: 1,2,3,4,5,6,…

This annoys me as much as those ‘sign this petition to remove dihydrogen monoxide’ or ‘are homo sapiens worth saving’. hurr durr durr. Let’s show the internet how dumb people are.

I oppose the teaching of French numerals.

You beat me to it.

Imply? Ignore for a moment the ignorance aspect. If you asked the same people if “Texas Numerals” should be taught in class, do you honestly think there would be much objection?

Sure, because Texas Numerals only go up to 7.

I think we are in agreement. I doubt very many would object to “Texas numbers” being taught.

Maybe I articulated it poorly. It’s just a shady way to get people to admit to their own prejudices.

Can any way that gets people to admit their own prejudices be considered “shady”?

A tougher question is should students be allowed to go algebraless in the classroom?


No it doesn’t. I agree it’s a little like Leno but these assholes are letting their bigotry outrun their stupidity.