Should the US bomb Agrabah?

30% of Republican voters think so, while 45% of Trumps supporters do.

It’s in Aladdin.

No news yet on how many GOP candidates want to carpet bomb it.

This isn’t Trump, this is a chunk of the US electorate. Do people in the US understand wht happens when you drop explosives on peoples homes because this doesn’t look stupid from overseas, it’s starting to look like collective insanity.

I’ve been told on another thread that if even ONE Democrat agrees with a stupid poll idea, then it does not matter how many Republicans side with the stupid idea;
The two sides are completely equivalent.

(And therefore, liberal hypocrisy)

I don’t know why this is so… It seems to be a special kind of math.

One in four.

The US is no longer the land of the free.

Hell yeah, and let’s bomb Dagobah while we’re at it.

Actually, we should probably destroy Aldaraan. The others are far too remote to make an effective demonstration.

More a rant, really

Off to the Pit


Bernie Sander’s headquarters is on Dantooine.

I’m an angry Brit like you, OP. But this is pretty thin gruel. That’s 500-odd people who don’t reply so well to leading questions.

Of course it is. One four think it should be illegal and yet it is not. The phrase says we are free. It doesn’t say we are smart.

Too be fair, perhaps a number of voters watch Disney films thinking they are documentaries.

How many libbys signed the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide?

Folks on both sides of the spectrum are idiotic sheep.

Some Yalies signing a petition to repeal the 1st amendment

Uh, they might have just been having some fun with that one. I would probably have signed it too.

From the linked article (bold added):

How certain is it that his little petition was actually measuring that? More likely, he was just inadvertently measuring the stupidity of a segment of the student body, I suspect.

I hear that some Brits didn’t even know they were bombing Iraq for the last year. How funny is that? Hardee-har-har-har.

IMHO, there’s way too much argle-bargle about bombing Agrabah these days.

I think bombing all of Agrabah would be wrong.

Can’t we just take out the parrot with a drone strike?

As I recall, Dear Abby or Ann Landers (c’mon–they were twins; could you keep them straight?) stopped answering questions with a New Haven postmark because of all the Yalie trolls.

Speaking of bombing New Haven, did anybody else see a performance of “We Bombed in New Haven?” Didn’t think so. It was shit.

Given that 19% of Democrats in the poll support it, this is not something I would hold up as a prime example of Republican silliness (and I come from the left side of the aisle myself. It’s embarrassing to both sides.)

Bombing is too risky. The Genie or Jafar or someone would magic that shit out of the sky. Better to send in special forces and garrote the royals in their sleep.

Reminds me when the Man Show ran a petition to end women’s suffrage. I can’t find the original clip, but you can see a lot of imitators on youtube.