Moron who shoots up and leaves syringes in schoolyard sandpit...

I pit thee! I pit thee hard!

First pitting, so be kind to me. I’m pitting the idiot who injected him/herself on the weekend in the front playground of the school I work in and buried the syringe in the sandpit, where, fortunatley, the 9 year old that dug it up had the good luck to come across the non-pointy end first.

I’m not judging your “lifestyle choice”. I have no doubt you feel you are a victim of life’s circumstances. Maybe you’re sensitive and you are just trying to dull the pain. I am prepared to concede there is a litany of reasons why your drug use is not your fault, you can stop it anytime you want or that you believe it’s no worse than getting drunk or taking an aspirin. I don’t give a fuck. You wanna die, carry on, you have my fucking permission.

What I do stand in judgement of is your total contempt for the well being of 900 kids in my care. What you did indicates either breathtaking stupidity or a callous and depraved disregard towards seriously injuring an innocent, a child. Fuck you, fuck your pain and fuck whatever selfish need your were stroking when you decided to shoot up in my school and endanger the health of my kids. In this judgement, you have been weighed and found wanting. I wish you a long, painful, ignominious and degrading addiction.

Man, that felt good. I gotta do this more often!


A good start. You got a 5 from the Russian judge, though :smiley:

You said: "I’m not judging your “lifestyle choice”. " I am. I have absolutely no use for a druggie of any kind, and asshats like the one you posted about simply confirm my choice. There is absolutely no reason in this world good enough for any to use to justify drug abuse. None.

That sorry asshole should be taken out behind the barn and beaten severely with a club. And then he should be beaten again just as the first beating is halfway healed up.


Wow. I guess I’ll stop complaining about the cat poop in the schoolyard sandpits around here.

That’s among the reasons they removed sandboxes from the playgrounds in NYC by the mid-70s, just when I grew past liking them. Needles and, uh, other things. They were elaborate things, too, three feet deep with granite edges and nice iron railings.

Just another way that drug use affects ordinary people in myriad ways.

There was a time we’d just take a guy like that out back and beat them with a hose. Now they got their goddamn unions.

Except pot, right? Right? After all caffiene, alcohol and tobacco are more addictive, more dangerous, or both. Or should we ban them too? :rolleyes:

But sure, if you are stupid enough to shoot up street drugs, at least be smart enough not to leave crap in a playground.