Morph or not?

In a pit thread, Diogenes the Cynic repeatedly made the claim that Senator Chambliss attacked his opponent, former Senator Cleland, buy airing an ad that morphed Senator Cleland’s image into Osama bin Laden’s. The ad was posted (here it is) and it was pointed out that it did no such thing. Dio continued to insist that it was, then wavered a little and said that it “juxtaposed” the images, which was the “same thing”, and finally came out with:

So, aside from the content of the ad, which nobody was defending, I leave it up to you, everyone of the SDMB: Did the linked ad morph Senator Cleland’s image into ObL’s? Did it juxtapose them? Is that a fair characterization of the ad, or is it inaccurate? Dio said everyone should judge for themself. Well, everyone, is it a fair description?

I don’t see any morphing or juxtaposing going on. There’s a crossfade from a montage (including a photo of Bin Laden) to a crummy photo of Cleland, but that’s it.

I saw nothing close to morphing or juxtaposition. The only picture of bin Laden was in the beginning montage in the upper left hand corner. Then we switch to a smaller picture of Cleland in the upper middle of the screen. I see nothing like the OP is describing.

No morph.

No morph, no juxtaposition.