Seeking clarification

A friend sent me a funny picture in a text message. I uploaded it to imgbb, found a now-meme pic that it reminded me of and posted the two commenting “remember this guy? meet his kin!”

Another poster soon indicated that the 2nd image was 'shopped; my reply is included in the quote box above.

I was somewhat perplexed by the original wording of the Mod Note; thank you for correcting that, What Exit?.

I didn’t know the image was 'shopped until it was pointed out. I could not have labeled it as such when I posted. That doesn’t change the fact that my post was intended as a humorous post, however.

But as I read the Mod Note, nothing can be posted in GD or P&E that is intended as humor unless it is specifically labeled as an attempt at humor? Is this a rule for just me or is this a new board rule?

And lest it not be clear: I will follow the Mod Note and whatever direction I get here in this thread.

I fixed the shopped Pic issue with a small note in the post itself.
Once you found out it was shopped, in the future please flag it and let us know to add a note. I probably won’t be modding the rest of the day, I might be heading for the Doctor’s but I wanted to respond at least while I was sitting down.


I was not aware of this policy/rule before this, but okay; will do.

In the “serious” forums, I can see that it does make sense to have a rule that 'shopped photographs should be annotated as such. With an image like a cartoon, it’s inherently clear that it’s expressing a point of view or a constructed joke; whereas a photograph generally purports to be documenting reality, funny or otherwise.

I was going to say that it was probably unnecessary here because this one is so obviously 'shopped - ironic, given Bo’s comments here. So I guess sticking strictly to a rule to annotate is best, either at the time of posting if the poster knows, or retrospectively when it’s discovered.

Obvious to you, maybe, but not to everyone. I would suspect that it was photoshopped, but I wouldn’t be sure.

I’m always a little bemused when somebody quotes only the first part of what I wrote, then adds their own comment that paraphrases the part they snipped off as though it’s something I was missing. I mean, what do you think the point of me writing that paragraph was, when I used the word “ironic”, and then said strict annotation is best?

From your later post, I got the impression that you knew it was 'shopped to begin with.

Especially when they end up making the same point that you just did.


But don’t sound so harsh, when you say something like this, it’s always important to add a humorous emoji to try to lighten the mood.