"Morrowind 2011 mod looks gorgeous and is now available for download"

Check it out…Morrowind gets new life.

Now if I can only find my dusty copy somewhere…

(Note: Early on parts of the video are very dark. They note this is an issue with Fraps and not the game)

Wow, pretty impressive. Gotta love PC gaming for stuff like this.

So now on top of the 20+ games I got over the holiday sale, I now have to play through a 200+ hour RPG?

I don’t know whether to hug you or punch you in the mouth!

Check the username. :smiley:

That looks pretty impressive.

That’s one of the things that sucks about games made today - the DLC model of releasing frequent for-pay content causes developers and publishers to lock down the games more than they used to. They want to be the people exclusively offering new content.

Which sucks, because fan-made content for PC games was always amazing. Very often the best way to play a game was through a total conversion mod that changed the entire game - stuff that took thousands or tens of thousands of man hours, all completely free, all works of love by random talented coders and artists and modellers. Desert Combat for BF1942 was probably the best game ever made in my view, and you just don’t see that sort of thing anymore.

Amen to that SB. Fortunately some publishers still believe in that (such as Civ).

Looks like this mod is dead, the author took a bunch of other mods without permission from the other modders.

I think Oblivion was unplayable without Oscuro’s Overhaul mod.

I was about to comment again on this mod, after checking out some other forums: at the time of the OP in this thread, there was zero buzz about this mod on the main Oblivion modders’ forum, and there still isn’t. Which means, as lemac indicated, it’s likely a phony hack job not worthy of comment.

I keep wanting to try Oscuro’s mod, but I’m afraid the early game will be completely frustrating, with my character constantly dying against the buffed-up hordes.

Yeah, apparently it’s a compilation of other mods, and it’s not even the best looking compilation - there are some high res texture packs and stuff that he didn’t use. Which is cool - you’ve already been able to make the game look like that, or better.

It is tougher early on, but you can adjust how much of a buff/debuff you get when you install it.

It is hard until level 6ish, but man when you are high level, you can squash bandits like bugs.