Morrowind: Unalloyed adulation here, please...

What? This game has been out two days and no thread? I’m actually offended.

Bugs aside (I’ve only noticed 3 in the 20 hours or so I’ve been playing it, none of them major), this has got to be one of the best RPGs I’ve played in recent memory. Words just cannot convey the sheer scope and detail of the game.

Case in point. The first thing I did upon starting a game was walk out on a marshy spit of land past a nearby lighthouse. I found myself standing knee deep in a small pool of swampwater, looking at the plants. Each plant had a popup box identifying it and assessing its basic worth. And then it hit me–the enitre continent was this detailed. I could turn around and walk in a straight line for a solid day and the level of detail would not lag. This game is HUGE. The forests actually feel like forests, the deserts have sandstorms. With blowing sands. When bad weather hits, it actually feels reasonable to seek shelter. Amazing.

Highly, highly recommended. I have a feeling I’m going to be playing this one for a few years.


Oh, the shame! And to think it slipped off the front page already? Oh, the humanity! :slight_smile: