Mose Allison, Jazz legend, 1927-2016

Mose is gone.

He’s categorized as a jazz musician, but he also played the blues and all sorts of things. His best-known song is probably “Young Man Blues,” which the Who performed on Live at Leeds. His “Parchman Farm”* is a kick in the teeth.

*Adapted from a Bukka White song.

The Curse of 2016 continues. Well, he had a good long life. Saw him perform, back in the last century.

Everybody’s crying mercy…

Oh man - I love Mose. The second CD with Parchman Farm and Crepuscular Air, called Local Color, is just amazing. Track 4 Mojo Woman is playing in my brain.

Thank you thank you Mose.

Fuck 2016


Your Mind is on Vacation

Mojo Woman:

A fun, lyrical blues. About a minute in he starts his solo. Man, what phrasing. Minimal, melodic. And what a lick vocabulary. He has so many little bits that string together so well. Damn.

Ohhhhhh KAY.

I am SO DONE with 2016.

Loved his humor, too.

My Brain

I love Parchman Farm - went back and listened to it. The rim shot drum hit that comes at the end of each cycle of the piano riff was hypnotic to me when I listened to it when I first got the CD. Tried to slap my thigh along with it and feel the groove. Such simple instrumentation that delivers a fun, kinda-off groove.

It is a track covered on the John Mayall featuring Eric Clapton “Beano” album. Mose’s is so much better.

I was introduced to him watching Soundstage back in 1975.

Mose Allison

The other act was Tom Waits. An incredible pairing!