Most Annoying & Alarming Americans?

With my sudden day off I am devoting my time to memorizing The Destruction of Semmacherib and compiling a list of the most annoying & alarming Americans of 2018. (I am not letting the day go to waste! Carpe Diem!)

So far (in no order) I got

Rosanne Barr
Steve Bannon
Roger Goodell
Rush Limbaugh (Who I may remove because he is is a “was,” not an “is.”)
Sean Hannity
Jerry Falwell Junior
James Dobson
Newt Gingrich
Alex Jones
“Ivanka” Trump
Mike Pence
Donald Trump

I am way behind on annoying TV people, since I never watch TV and entertainers, as I live outside the US.

No real rules, mostly I am looking for people who are both annoying and so culturally “loud” that one cannot ignore them.

Your thoughts?

Don’t forget the Kardashians.

I added America’s comedic drunk uncle, Bill Murray.

Are the Kardashians still a thing?

If you have Jerry Falwell Jr you can’t not have Franklin Graham.

Thank you.

Delete a double-post.

Yes, sadly. When I read the newspaper I read three of them, to get different perspectives. All of them seem to get their “tabloid” section from the same sources, though: pre-surgery Kim was in all three of them today. And that’s the Spanish press, I don’t even want to know how many tabloid covers was she on in the US within the last couple of days.

Bill Murray is annoying and alarming?

He is a wife-beater who gets in drunken fights more often than you would think.

As an American who has been outside the US longer than many people have been alive, I’m blissfully unaware of how annoying most of your list is. I think I’ve heard sound clips from maybe four of the people on your list.

Unfortunately, it leaves me as the most annoying and alarming American most of my friends and acquaintances know.

He’s not that vocal anymore since even Fox News shut him down, but I find Sebastian Gorka to be absolutely terrifying. Here’s a Full Frontal piece on him. Here’s a piece from Rolling Stone.

Paul Manafort needs an entry. Still, I am short of many cultural figures since I am unaware of them. Also, I need a couple of Catholic Bishops and whatnot, although they seem to have mostly spent the last few years laying very low.

2018? Or of all time? Some of those entries don’t make sense if it’s an annual title.

Are you sure that’s Bill Murray and not Bill Cosby?

I’m laughing, you know why? This is one question wherein you can make the list as red or as blue as you want (or as black or as white.)

It really depends on who is being annoyed. First, someone can’t annoy me if I never find out about them. Second, the person who annoys that guy over there, might not annoy me.

Donald Trump is without a shadow of a doubt the American who annoys the most people worldwide right now. However, there is also a large group of people who are particularly pleased about the fact that he annoys someone else, and because of that, they would say that he doesn’t annoy them at all. And so on.

Sarah Palin (That voice!)
Mitch McConnell
Jenny McCarthy
Tomi Lahren
Martin Shkreli (That smirk!)

Fuc-, I mean, Tucker Carlson
Kellyanne Conway
Those Diamond and Silk people

Well, the Daily Beast used to run a list like this. (So did Esquire.) Both seem to have stopped. I was sort of thinking along the lines of an annual award.

Betsy DeVos and her attempts to enrich the predatory “schools” that prey on veterans and others.