most awesome rube goldberg machine ever

Creme That Egg! Most awesome rube goldberg machine ever! And it looks like they just made it up in their garage with toilet paper rolls and things from around the house. Amazing!

Cute. I know I’ve seen more complex ones, but that one has a great theme.

I’ll see your egg and raise you one Honda Accord commercial.

There are no special effects, no CGI, no tricks. It is the real deal. Wikipedia has a page about this commercial.

And I will raise you one that spans the entire history of the universe.

I thing the thing that impressed me about the original one is that it was done by amateurs in a garage, not professionals on a sound stage. It’s incredible hard to get all of the details right.

What’s going on at 1:50 in the OP’s video?

Looks like a piece of plastic pinned to the wall warped in such a way that there’s a channel for balls to roll down. The top left corner is the furthest out while the bottom right is against the wall.

Not sure that I’m explaining this clearly. Anyone else?

I’m willing to see that topped. It’s probably not the best ever, but pretty damn good.

Hmm… 606 takes! Many spliced together and “additional [post-production] work included re-centering the frame to stay closer to the action, removal of wires, highlighting a spray of water, and adjusting the speed of some sections for dramatic purposes” sounds like there was some CGI and a few tricks. Still very elegant.

I liked the part with the hammers.

And PlainJain, it’s a car commercial, of course there’s going to be some fine print. :wink:

*The preceding commercial may have contained recentering the fram to stay cloer to the action, removal of wires, highlighting a spray of water and adjusting the speed for dramatic purposes.

That’s what it looks like to me. To expound, it’s pushing the “track” that the ball rolls on out to it’s left/right edge (like an axle), rather than it’s top/bottom - which is why it’s spinning but not rolling to coincide with that.

Their channel has another awesome machine:

I was expecting the OP’s video to be a commercial - with all the product placement :slight_smile: Whatever it is, it was well done.

Sure, 606 takes because it didn’t go right so many times. Still, what you see was done in two continuous shots.

That was cool! Although, it pains me to see a wasted Cadbury creme egg.

I want a Cadbury egg now.

I love rube goldberg stuff.

That was pretty cool. I actually clapped at the end. Which made my roommate give me a funny look.

Here is an article about the recent regional contest, and qualifier for the national Rube Goldberg contest that takes place every year at Purdue University. Lots of “Rubey” goodness on hand. These are all college teams, typically engineering clubs, and they also have a division for high school level competitors.