Most beautiful Language

Inspired by the ugliest language thread.

What, in your opinion, is the prettiest or most beautiful language?

I have a couple I like hearing. French,spoken by a native speaker or someone with an ear for it, can sound just lovely. Catalan Spanish and Italian sound lovely to me as well.

Neapolitan. Or Italian in Neapolitan accent.

Yiddish. With a Scottish accent.

Now that I would like to hear.

You think I’m making this up??

A guy that used to cut my hair when I was in university was from Scottland. He spent some few years living in Israel and picked up both Hebrew and some Yiddish. He’d often throw out common Yiddish phrases just for a laugh. Funniest thing I ever heard in my life. :smiley:

I would make it my priority to go back to him for a haircut even after I moved far away, just so I can hear him speak Yiddish with that Scottish tint.

I miss that funny bastard. I hope he’s doing well.

I like the sound of spoken Italian.

French sounds nice until I try to speak it. :wink: (I’m decent enough at French, I just have an anglo accent.)


Italian. Opera turned into a language.

Portuguese would be my vote. French, a close second.

Jamaican Patois. It is so melodic.

I’m awfully fond of English myself.

My only language is American English. For me, Italian is the most beautiful language. My favorite accent is Australian.

I dunno about French. I guess it’s OK if a female is speaking it. However, I sometimes pick up a weather channel from up in Canada where a male announcer is giving the forecast in French, and it always sounds like he’s trying to hork up a bit loogie.

I’m happy to see that my thread about the ugliest languages already has a spin-off thread :smiley:

I used to like Italian, but the more I hear it the more excessive it sounds.

So my choice would have to be either Basque or Icelandic. I’m a sucker for obscure languages

Let stalk Strine!

Polynesian languages like Hawaiian or Tahitian are very melodic with few or no harsh consonantal sounds.

People rarely list German as a beautiful language, but I’ll tell ya, you get the right German lady whispering sweet German nothings in your ear, and it’s quite pleasant.

Everybody loves Italian. :smiley:

I’m Italian, but my favorite is Swahili. Filled with lots of vowel sounds, very flowing and soothing. I’d rather listen to someone speaking Swahili than just about anything.

What may surprise you—spoken Mongolian sounds pretty nice. I heard a Mongolian poet once being interviewed on NPR, and when he recited some of his poetry in Mongolian, the interviewer was all “Wow! That sounded beautiful!

I’m partial to Shanghainese. Sounds like a combination of Russian and French.

I like Spanish. Especially when sung.

The same with ASL. Beautiful. Just ask Napoleon Dynamite.