Most biased news source in the US?

Which is the most biased?

Tough choice between Fox and MSNBC.

I chose Fox because I do indulge myself with MSNBC. It’s a guilty pleasure.

To me they are both biased but in opposite directions.

Well considering that the majority of programing on Fox and MSNBC is editorial news, it’s not really surprising.

Straight news stories, or editorials?

For TV News, Democracy Now, which plays on some PBS stations:!

Easily Fox. Easily.

And this coming from someone who often turns to Fox News first when wanting to watch TV news.

Are you sure? Your own link says they are on public access stations, which is not the same as PBS.

What PBS stations does it air on?

Well in the LA area it airs on KLCS (58.1 and 58.4):

Faux news.

Oh come on. It’s FOX News by a country mile. MSNBC may have a left-leaning agenda but, as far as I’m aware, their broadcasts are not laden with wanton prevarication and obfuscation. Also, if an MSNBC anchor, or show, presents content that turns out not to be correct, they will issue retractions, corrections, and even apologies. They also have a mechanism through which their content is sourced. FOX News lies with abandon, and knows its audience is too philosophically bought-in, and intellectually lazy, to question anything they present.

MSNBC may be as close to an analog of FOX News as there is in broadcast political editorialism today, but that, in no way, makes MSNBC the left’s FOX News. FOX News is the broadcast arm of the Republican party. MSNBC does not coordinate with, nor does it wield any influence whatsoever on the Democratic party. There is simply no equivalence.

Fox, definitely. They lie constantly to serve a political agenda. The only liberal political shows that lie are… um… hmm. I can’t think of any.

Of the four named above, FoxNews easily (which is not to ignore any bias in the other three).

As for others, it depends on what you consider a “news source”. There are a lot of print media with various agendas and certainly the internet is filled with foamingly irrational partisan hacks who have websites. Even larger sites like Weekly World News or HuffPo (which I am not equating here) demonstrate considerable bias - in fact I’d put WWN way ahead of Fox if we’re considering them a news source.

Other: the internet.

Easily Fox from the ones you list. Getting away from that, Fox is the standard bearer of the liberal agenda compared to “sources” like World Net Daily or CNS News.

I can find absolutely no justification for ever tuning in to Fox News. Their commentators are vapid, ignorant airheads who happily spew whatever Roger Ailes wants them to. He clearly uses Fox as his personal opinion outlet. Not only is what they “report” not news, it is factually incorrect most of the time and independent studies show that regular Fox News viewers are actually less well informed than people who watch no TV news at all.
CNN and MSNBC have their own biases, but no where close to the extreme that Fox News represents.

The Fox people spin, twist, and edit. The MSNBC people tell jaw dropping lies.

I’d say the Drudge Report, but of those listed, Fox is the furthest from unbiased. MSNBC has it’s own biases but they admit them, while Fox pretends it’s unbiased. Also, MSNBC usually uses facts to back up their points; Fox often makes charges (and repeats them) when the facts show otherwise.


this is a trick question, right?