Most disturbing flash I have ever seen.

Watch them in order.
I have never heard a better use of sound in a flash before.

Well, I as about to go to bed.
Thanks for the insomnia.

What. The Fuck. Was That?


Did I miss something?

Maybe I’ve just lost all sensitivity to this sort of thing. Then again the guy is trying way too hard to be creepy, and that generally ends up being kind of funny.

Oh great…

you can just dang-well rock me to sleep tonight…
…preferrably with real rocks!


Wow, I’m liking that!

A great blend of creepy and strange funny.

I should also add that it helps if you lower your screen resolution to make it bigger. The effect is not the same if it is in a small window in the cornor of your screen.

Hmmm…amusing. Waaaay over the top. Imagine if Edward Gorey did a Tool video.

This is well worth a thread bump!

I can’t stop watching the quivery guy! :eek:

Can someone describe? I so wish to know what it is but there’s no way I’m clicking on that ish.

The voice was perfect. Very eerie.

Why not?

If you think it’s going to be too creepy, just keep your sound down.

Loved it! Watched on my laptop with the headphones on.

I laughed. I cried. It was WAY better than CATS!!!

I can’t stop watching it, either!

That’s only because you haven’t seen this one. (“Child Pley”)

I like Salad Fingers better, though.

Nah…too full of portent, (IMO) not nearly as creepy as Salad Fingers. A sense of humor makes things far creepier.

Here’s two I like

Golden Hamster

lobster magnet

Salad fingers is interesting, in a twisted sort of way. I didn’t find it creepy, then again I have a really warped sense of humor.


It was definately creepy. A question: Why do so many flash artists feel the need to make such odd animation? Very off the wall.

Weird. It had a lot of spooky looking stuff, and you expect that something horrible is going to jump out and go BOO! at you at any moment. But it never really does.