Creepy Animated Short Films

I’m going to a Halloween party Sunday night. It’s become one of our traditions to gather 'round ye olde computer and watch whatever scary little cartoons we can find. I showed them The Cat With Hands last year and it was a hit. Does anyone here know of something in a similar vein (pun totally intended) for our fright fest this year?

Not a short really, but Coraline creeped me out. Something about needles and eyes, I guess.

The ghost of Stephen Foster

The French short, Get Out is pretty creepy to me.

Sort of animated: The Cat With Hands

If only the OP was aware of this film…

Ugh. Not enough coffee yet.

Trey ANYTHING from Robert Morgan, the guy who made The Cat With Hands. At the very least, stop motion movie The Separation. For a quiet British bloke, he is delightfully dark and twisted.

I don’t know how many of these are animated, but there are sure to be some creepy shorts in this compilation (including The Separation).

The Sandman.

I saw this on MTV years ago! I’ve always wanted to find it again but I didn’t know the name. I would think of it every time I saw a Kleenex commercial.

These are great, you guys. I can use them to torment my friends after Halloween, too. I love scary things.

Fallen Art

Here’s 8 episodes of “Salad Fingers” shorts. They are just weird and creepy.

Try just about anything by the Quay Brothers.

If you want to see some truly disturbing animation created by the same guy who created Salad Fingers, David Firth, you should prepare yourself for Hell. It’s been out there for a few years. Watch it in the dark if you dare, but go to the bathroom first, because I don’t want to be blamed if you pee your pants.

Speaking of creepy short films: anyone remember a film shown as a Showtime Short involving a guy who was overcome by stop-motion animated recording tape? I’ve been looking for it for years, but can’t remember the title, and the guy who’s been in charge of their archives for the last decade or so has been no help.

I don’t think there was any dialogue, just this guy getting harassed and chased and beaten down by this mass of animated tape, before he finally is overcome and consumed.

Rubber Johnny

It’s not animated, but I think you’ll appreciate Bedfellows if you like creepy.

Here is an animated version of what has to be one of the creepiest children’s stories ever:
STRUWWELPETER: The story of Little Suck-a-Thumb

Also, David Lynch’s The Alphabet

I know the deadline has gone now, but since we’re on the subject of creepy films, can someone remind me of the name of the (pretty much silent) short where people are pursued by weird silent figures made of wood, metal or odd bits of hardware?

It was a mix of live action and CGI.