Scariest YouTube videos.

There are plenty of funny video threads. In fact, there’s a bumped zombie thread that got me thinking of this. What youtube video scared the crap out of you? I don’t mean ‘jump scare’ videos. You know the ones-- pleasant or innocuous visuals and then BAM! loud monster face. No, I talking about scary or creepy or heebie jeebie inducing videos. The one video that I saw once and never, ever want to see again is Lights Out. I hear they made a movie out of it.

I’m turning out the lights now. . . what should I watch?

I can’t think of any scary ones, but I’ve seen disturbing videos (not on youtube, more on gore sites). Not posting them though.

Maybe this ghost running gif.

Please, please no gore! Well, if it’s part of a scary video then sure. But no gore site nastiness. PLEASE!

I found that one called “Transfiguration” to be unsettling. “Transfiguration - performance Olivier de Sagazan” if you’re curious.


There are a lot of videos with this name. Should I watch the longest one, which is about 40 minutes? There is also a 15 minute one and a 5 minute one.

The Cat With Hands


Also, opted for the long form Transfiguration. Shoulda watched the edited version.

The cat got the tongue and my own cat started caterwauling and scared the bejeezus outta me.

Probably NOT what you’re looking for, but here a link to a 13-minute BBC short film based on the short story “The Cicerones,” by the late great Robert Aickman.

It captures a good deal of the weird creepiness of the story. If you like weird, creepy stories, get yourself some Aickman.

Not as OT as one might think: Check out Rain Florence’s channel. She breastfeeds her 4-year-old son on camera and has referred to her enema bucket as her best friend.


Tuck me in.

Watch the long one.

Columbia Pictures 1953 short “The Telltale Heart.”

Written by Poe (one his most disturbing “madman” stories), narrated by James Mason, animated by Giorgio de Chirico, music by Satan Himself.

Also VERY creepy…no idea what 1953 audiences expecting a Bugs Bunny short would have thought of this…