Another Fucked-Up Flash

I didn’t want to keep resurrecting this thread, especially since I’m not posting about a “Salad Fingers” episode (although it’s by the same author). This is far more disturbing than “Salad Fingers”.

Spoilsbury Toast Boy

Kinda David Lynchian.

Yeah, you’re right.

Where the hell was this kind of stuff back when I was doing acid?!? :eek: :smack:

Well, he’s done it again. The new one, “Milkman”, seems specifically created to shock and offend… But I like it, anyway.

What the hell is Brian Eno doing involved with that flash?

I find this guy’s movies to be kinda stupid. “Look at me, I’m creepy! Hey where you going? OK, here’s something shocking! Look! Isn’t is sick? Well?” I’d rather watch a Tool video.

Ditto. After watching Milkman all I can say is :rolleyes: