most embarassing thread you have ever started?

What is the most embarassing thread u have ever started? Mine was accidental. I was starting some thread or other dont recall what it was exactly then i typed my name in the thread title by accident. Needless to say, a lot of people thought i was being egoistical and i got a lot of heat for it before i could apologise.

Mine was one in the BBQ pit awhile back. I read it now and I cringe at how much of an asshole I was. I was hoping it got lost when the boards went down last year but no dice.

Should you post drunk?.

OK I’ll be honest, I’ve started much more embarrassing threads, but I’m to embarrassed to link to them.

I still get a bit :o when I think of the soppy, sentimental thread I started after Celtic were knocked out of the Champions League last year.

And yep, I was drunk at the time too - somehow I think that may be a common thread in the replies …

I started a Great Debates thread; my life got busy; I didn’t get back to defend my position until like weeks after the thread dropped off the radar, and I don’t like digging up the past.

I had something to say! I just had no time to say it in!

I think u should consider this your most embarassing thread, since u seem to have put a lot of typos into it. :wink:

worst is the thread will be permanent, anything you regret posting will be there forever for people to search…

I can vaguely recall starting “Lets Make This The Longest Thread!” or something like that when I was a newbie…I think it got about 4 posts then was locked.

“Independent Should Stop Using The Iron Cross.”

Hm. Turns out that’s NOT an Iron Cross.

Twice, I posted threads in the Pit where I put my foot so far in my mouth that I lost toes. The response to both was so universally negative and condemnating that I couldn’t work up the courage to log on for a week. And I’m not saying which because if you’ve forgotten I’d be grateful.

Mine was following a brief break from the boards. I had just read a Clive Cussler book and was wondering what the deal was with his appearing in his books.

Well…it seems that during the two weeks I had been away from the boards, that had been a busy topic. It had just gone off the boards a day or so before I brought it up again.

I know, I know…always do a search before starting a thread.

The first & only thread I started died a rapid death. It got one response, from someone I’d begged to respond. Obviously the rest of the SDMB had no interest in my thread during its short life and has no memory of the poor thing, but I found the experience so humiliating that it’s unlikely I’ll ever start another thread.

Misery does love company, and it makes me feel a bit better reading other’s embarrassing stories.

Don’t think like that. I’ve started many a thread that sank like a stone. My advice? Don’t start a thread to just start a thread, make sure you actually have something to say or ask.

Well then, I recently started a new thread (admittedly based on a previous one) on Donna Tartts The Little Friend. I was hoping for some comments, but no. A mere 12 views, then it dropped out of sight like… well, you get the picture.

So I’ve been there too. Still I don’t feel discouraged from starting a thread when I’ve got something else to ask or say. Chin up, chaps.

I’ve had a few threads that sank straight to the bottom of the ocean the instant they were posted. They were just IMHO/MPSIMS stuff, nothing that would incite a serious debate. I thought for sure a few people would have similar experiences to share, but apparently I thought wrong.

I started a thread in the BBQ pit when I was a newbie, whose title I won’t disclose because it seemed to anger a lot of people. I was angry and didn’t think about how my thread title could be taken the wrong way… and then when I got flamed I put my foot in my mouth something terrible and came across as the biggest moronic asshole.

Luckily, I think I have been forgiven…

Why do you think I’d want to remind anyone of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Straightdope has acne!

It’s embarrassing because I sound like a psychotic moron.

Btw, I still see acne on the Straightdope logo sometimes. It crops up when I have a bunch of windows open. But it’s not scary anymore because now I know it’s temporary.