Posts waybackwhen you're embarrassed by now.

I’ll go first:

My crappy trolling attempt Forgive me, I was a dumbass back then.


Because this is bullshit. I don’t assemble 747 engines. I’m actually a nerdy high school student.

What posts of yours make you cringe?

There was a very detailed one involving…um…poo. And it was just old enough not to get wiped out.

Sidles in, scarlet from head to toe
Um… uhm… uh…

[sub]Most of my first posts.[/sub]

Crawls under a convenient rock

All of them. I don’t know why I keep posting.

That’s pretty cute – neither link in your OP works, Du_Hast.

I regret plenty of posts, and not all of them are obscured by the mists of time, if you catch my meaning.

I had some really bad ones that were (fortunately) lost in the crash. The one that really sticks in my mind was my first thread ever. The “Ask the new guy” one. I read over what I said the next day and kicked myself. Still do, actually.

::kick kick::

I won’t even tell you what I said, and I hope you forgot by now…

So, having nothing else to do at the moment, I found the threads you’re talking about anyway, Du_Hast.

Here’s a bit of free advice from me to you: quit lying about yourself on the boards. It’s not endearing.

It’s also puzzling to me why you would want to call attention to the fact that you are in the habit of doing this by starting this thread. But, people seem to be having fun with the topic, so no reason to make a federal case out of it. Welcome to the board.

I think there were some posts when I was drunk, but I don’t remember now. You know, I might be drunk and posting now. Who knows? Help!!!


I’m sure if I had access to the old AOL board, I would dig up oodles of humiliating history.

As it is, all I can remember is my very first post, which went something to this effect:

#1, that’s a question that a simple search of the Straight Dope article archives would answer–a MAJOR no-no. #2, that was one lame attempt at pseudo-SNL humor.

I’m just not easily embarrassed. Sorry.

Almost all of them. Most of them were from last summer, when my mental state was both bored and crazy, the latter probably being in part, but not entirely a product of the former. They were divided between attempts to pad my post count, attempts to use the boards as a dumping ground for said craziness and attempts to sound intellectual and socially conscious (see: anything I ever posted in Great Debates. Actually, don’t. Take my word for it - I suck at debating.).

It does me endless joy to see that at least one of my more idiotic posts has been erased.

This is SO embarassing… look at my brutal typing!

Fortunately for me, very few caught the post I was most embarassed by, which was when someone asked about what Warez was and I, being a total computer idiot – heck, a total idiot, period – speculated that it was a misspelling of Juarez, as in the city in Mexico. I live in hope that people thought I was joking. I wasn’t.

The only embarassing post I specifically recall at the moment (due to seeing a link to the thread yesterday) was one where I posted under the belief that Baltimore was a city in the state of Delaware. In my defense, it was something like 4:00 AM when I posted that.

In a more general sense, I have undoubtedly been much more offensive and abusive then I intended towards other posters on any number of occasions. If you were the subject of one of these posts, I apologize. Except for PitBullDawg; you had it coming.

Waybackwhen??? I usually am only 6 or less hours away from a dumbass post.

We’re only human here…mostly.

Grrr, there really should be no text limit on the auto-link. Sorry.

Anyhoo, the trolling attempt is this:

And the post where I claim I assemble 747 engines is here:

don’t Make mistakes…

The whole exchange a few months ago which degenerated into a horrible exercise in coding between me and I’ve forgotten who regarding the Clintons as irresponsible pet owners. I believe the whole thing got erased in the Great Purge, and it’s just as well.

That’s the one good thing about the great purge… lost most of my dumber comments. Well back to work on creating a new collection of stupid arguments!