Most embarrassing songs on your iPod?

Reviving the spirit of the Lost Weekend, what are the song(s) that you have on your iPod/other music player that you secretly like, but would never admit to listening to? Either light pop songs for the serious minded, or dark metal songs for the cheerful, it doesn’t matter.

(You first.) :wink:

Vox Imperatoris

I have several songs by T.A.T.U. on mine. Yes, the fake lesbian russian girl duo. I would probably never let anyone see that they are there.

The embarrassing part is that I actually enjoy them. My piano teacher and vocal coach would both slap me upside the head for that.

The Spice Girls

Both High School Musical Soundtracks

Every song that Tori Amos has ever released and a bunch of bootlegs - it’s not that I’m embarrassed about liking Tori, it’s just having so much of her is a little cringeworthy.

Play by Jennifer Lopez
Steal My Sunshine by Len
Holler Back Girl by Gwen Stefani
Not Gonna Get Us by T.A.T.U.

I’m a 41 year old married male with two kids. I generally like good music. I have no explanation for the above.

I have three George Jones songs. They are horrifyingly bad, which makes them deliciously good. They are: Wild Irish Rose, Smack Dab and Small Y’all. The terrible rhymes in the last two are particularly juicy.

Herb Alpert;s Greatest Hits.

Who Let The Dogs Out, Baja Men.

I have no excuse.

Achy Breaky Heart.

I actually d/l’ed it just to show my kids what Hannah Montana’s dad did in his previous life. ( and you can stuff your "yeah, sure"s; I hate that song!)


I have some Celtic folk tunes that are pretty embarassing. They remind me of my dad’s old records that he used to play when I was really little. So I have a scratchy (scratchy because it was originally recorded in the 1930s) old recording a “Wee Deoch and Doris” and similar stuff that I found on iTunes.

I have pirate music on mine (The Toucan Pirates.)

And Carpenters.

Along with a lot of Misfits, Metallica, GnR, Nirvana, Godsmack, and Rage Against the Machine, ok??

My ipod is filled with metal, black metal, nu metal, heavy rock.

However i have a couple Elton John and Simon and Garfunkle songs.

Sigh. I could find a lot of potentially embarassing stuff in my collection, but the latest one of those to play on my mp3 player(always on random) just might be near the top. I shouldn’t say this but…

The theme to ‘Super Nanny’.

I’m sorry I can’t help it, but I imagine the person signing it as looking like Jim Carry as Ace Ventura at the mental hospital or Officer Doofy from Scary Movie 1; often I will sing along in character. It cracks me up every time.

I don’t have an iPod, but the most embarrassing song on my Zune is probably “Toxic” by Britney Spears. I can’t help it, I love that song.

“Atlantis”, Donovan. I have no idea why it’s there (other than the fact that I downloaded it, of course.)

See, it didn’t matter what you said after that. You already win!


Also, probably “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.


And which ones are you embarrassed about?


Miley Cyrus, See you again.

Am I a 14 year old girl? Nope, I’m male and in my 30s.

I just have to say one thing:

*Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena. . . *

Same as last time, Music of the Night, sung by David Cook. An Andrew Lloyd Webber song sung by an American Idol winner. There’s just no excuse for that. But I still listen to it when it comes around on shuffle. I don’t know why.

Man Like Me, by Robert Downey Jr. He’s not a very good singer, and he can’t write lyrics to save his life. But I’ve got a crush on him, so it stays in rotation.

I have way, way more Alanis Morrisette songs than I’m comfortable with.

Bostone, I still love Who let the Dogs Out?

Oh, and I have a bunch of folky 70’s love balads, but they’re all there because of my sister. Don’t know if that counts.