Most food you've ever consumed in one sitting?

Ok I was having a brag-athon with some friends and I came up patheticly sad (apparently) with my entry: an entire large pizza and half a bag of chips. How about you??

One time I seriously hurt myself at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. I freakin’ waddled out of there, and was actually in pain.

I ate a whole dead raccoon that I found by the side of the road. Well, most of him, at least. He was a big ol’ sucker, musta weighed at least 25 lbs.

Might I suggest that we list our genders in the replies to this thread? Just to see if we can spot a trend. I’m female.

Nothing really stands out in my mind, but I’m thinking a couple of times I ate about a dozen cookies by myself over the course of an evening.


So, Badtz Maru, it’s not the crows that have been keeping the highways clear of roadkill, huh?


One of the many times I went out to a buffet with a friend who was well over 200 lbs, I just had to show him up.

He ate 5 full plates of food that day at lunch, but I wasn’t about to be undone, so scrawny me (I was around 145 lbs at the time, maybe 65 kg) went all out and shoved 7 full plates down my gullet.

A single large pizza was an ordinary meal for me in those days. Ah, to be young again.


12 perogies.

Hm… this isn’t one sitting, but it was the only time I’ve ever been in pain from eating so much, and will never do this again!

Last spring I went to a dopefest in Quebec where we went to a ‘sugaring off’; basically a sugar shack that served all sorts of food with maple syrup, most of it being pork and egg - based things.

I gorged myself there on bacon, pork rinds, ham, eggs, quiche, more bacon, and probably other stuff too, I can’t remember. I was stuffed though!

Then, I drove home to have a huge dinner at an awesome chinese restaurant here in town with my family and two other families; we had sooooo many dishes, and by the time the last three or so showed up, I literally couldn’t fit any more. I didn’t even taste the last one, I was so full. I’m sure I consumed upwards of 10,000 calories that day.

The next day I was still in pain. Couldn’t really eat anything. Ugh.

But the food was sooooooo good, it was worth it! (though still being able to taste last night’s dinner when I burp 24 hours later is a weird thing, let me tell you).

a whole calzone

Two Big Macs (no lettuce, extra cheese, sauce and onions), large fry, large chocolate shake, hot fudge sundae, no whipped cream or nuts, extra fudge.

I was pregnant at the time.

Wendy’s once had an all you can eat special on their chili…I went in there to see if you could get this special to go…all they would let you have is two of those pint containers for that price and wouldn’t budge even a little so…

I ate in there(as a matter of “showing” them)…I had EIGHT of those containers plus several refills of my drink

Yes I was an idiot but I showed them dammit…so I was sick afterwards…it was worth it

They haven’t had that special ever again…I like to think they haven’t because of me :slight_smile:

Oh yeah about two times a year I get an uncontrollable urge for pizza and order two large specialty pizzas(you get up to 5 toppings…I usually get all five toppings as pepperoni) from Dominos(second one is something like $6 so you HAVE to order the second) and I eat them both in one sitting

BTW I don’t eat like that ALL the time…just special occasions

I’m not sure how much it was in pounds but I was at an all you can ear King Crab Legs dinner. They gabe cardboard containers to hold the chells. The containers were the 1 gallon size. I filled 10 of them with shells. Boy was I stuffed.

i dont think i can compete with that.

The most i’ve ever ate is 2 large papa john pizzas.

“little kids are starving in Japan so Eat it!” :wink:

When Papa John’s opened the first local store they had a deal on a large one-topping, $4.99. I’d order one for myself. I don’t usually gorge myself anyway, but as I get older it takes less and less to make me feel that full. Which is a good thing, as I am a lazy desk-jockey computer nerd.

move to a college town. here there are 2 places that have 14" 1 toppings for $4.99 (little caesers & mad mushroom), and 2 that have 2 large 1 toppings for $9.99 (dominos & papa johns). plus another local place has buy one get one free coupons. Its nice.

23 aebleskiver. These are monster Danish doughnut holes with a college degree. I hold the family record.

20 Taco Bell tacos. Two decades later, I can probably still duplicate this feat. I just won’t feel so good later.

12 plate sized Swedish pancakes, all filled with whipped cream and jam.

At Tijuana Joe’s in Berkeley, I’d place my order and then the waitress would look at the four of us and ask if that was for the entire table or just me.

I once ate 2 1/2 Big Macs, but I didnt have any fries with them or anything else.

I like going to Pizza Hut buffets and eating as much as possible, but my stomach usually hurts afterwards. They seem to like putting deep pan pizzas on the buffet as well so you cant eat as much (the base is the cheapest bit of a pizza).

I was twelve and there was a restaurant that was supposed to be a “genuine Swedish smorgasbord” but was really a precursor to the Olde Country Buffet type place, only this one had really good food. We went with my entire extended family - I think there were about 12 or 14 of us - and I remember being told to tell the hostess I was only 11, because under twelve ate for half price. I then proceeded to eat for three full hours. At some point my family noticed I was eating rather a lot, and they started making the waitress/busperson leave my plates so they could keep count. I had a stack of eight plates in front of me at the end, and I’d probably had five or six plates before they stopped the waitress from taking them. And yes, I loaded every plate fully and finished everything I took (with the exception of some liver pate, which I had taken thinking it was chocolate.) After the meal, my grandfather went up to the hostess and paid for an additional adult’s meal, because he felt guilty. He stills talks about the fact that, later that day, I requested to be taken out for ice cream and proceeded to eat a banaa split and half of my sister’s sundae, too.