Most foul balls in a row?

In the history of Major League Baseball, what is the record for the most foul balls in a row, and who holds the record?

According to this site, foul ball records are not kept oficially, but one source says the number was 22 foul balls at one at-bat…

In what I suspect will be the first of many WAGs I remember watching the great John Lowenstein of the Orioles foul off 11 pitches in a row in an at bat during (I think) the '85 season.

2nd WAG - I’ve personally seen 9, but do not remember when or where!

Richie Ashburn of the Phillies is the one I personally remember.With 2 strikes on him foul balls were a certainty until the pitcher put one in his personal zone.

I’ve seen numerous 1/2 doz at least episodes.A dozen or more weren’t out of his grasp.I think the pitcher just got tired of throwing to him and would groove one just to get rid of him. :smiley:

I remember reading something when I was a kid that a player was pissed at management for not getting him extra tickets for his family. So he intentionally fouled as many as 30 pitches into the stands. The team lost more $ in baseballs than they would have spent on tickets. I believe the batter wsas Wee Willie Keeler