Most Ironical Line in TTT Movie...

Just something I have to share!!

I watched the Two Towers movie for about seven times, and there is one scene that makes me grin because it is so deliciously ironical.

That is when Sam and Frodo were at Osligiath (sp), after facing the Nazgul. Sam, leaning against a pillar, said, “This is all wrong, we shouldn’t be here in the first place!”

Guess Peter Jackson knows that darn well too :-]


Well, I guess that’s true… they shouldn’t.
This will be moved, probably. I think this is the wrong forum.

It’s spelled “Osgiliath,” and I don’t see the irony. Sam’s just stating the facts (a part of his character I find quite charming, really).

The irony is that, in the book, Frodo and Sam are never in Osgiliath.

Heck, in the book, no one lives in Osgiliath, which has been in ruins for centuries, and Faramir doesn’t try to take them anywhere, let alone there.

As I’ve said elsewhere, if there’s a reason for this digression of Jackson’s, it’s lost on me.

So yeah, they shouldn’t be there in the first place, just like this thread shouldn’t be here in the first place. Cafe Society, anyone?

::shame:: I shoulda known that.